10 Stellar Side Hustles For Fitness Gurus

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Fitness experts looking for a side hustle have many opportunities. You may turn your extensive knowledge and skills of anatomy, nutrition and training techniques into a money-making gig and supplement your income. Here are the top 10 side hustle ideas you can try as a fitness guru.

1. Become a Personal Trainer

You can earn money as a personal trainer with the right credentials. Busy fitness centers usually need more instructors, so you may find an hour or more side gig there. 

You can also get your own clients and provide personal training services at their homes. Check within your network. A friend might need your expertise. Opportunities from people you know may turn into a new business.

2. Start a Health Blog

You may not earn a dime for months after launching a health site, but it can be lucrative once the blog gains traction and you build the brand. It’s a great source of passive income until you retire. 

You can hire a professional writer to publish high-quality health blogs regularly. You’ll have multiple ways to monetize your site once it grows, such as through affiliate programs, sponsorships, ads and product sales. 

3. Launch a YouTube Channel

You could earn thousands of dollars from a single YouTube video with enough views and engagements.

The best thing about this is it doesn’t veer away from what you currently do, which is planning, teaching, and leading people toward improving their physical health. The only change will be to record the video and upload it on the platform. You can begin monetizing your content once you’ve reached 1,000 subscribers.

4. Create Fitness Courses

One tip to find success in this venture is to consider micro-niching. The online fitness industry is competitive — and the only way to stand out is to market your courses to a specific audience. For example, you can create a class to build muscles or increase flexibility in women. An even better way is to create a workout challenge, such as a 30-day fitness test for moms. 

5. Host a Corporate Wellness Program

Organizations or employees account for three-fifths — the largest share — of the corporate wellness market in 2020.

Wellness programs are now a permanent benefit package for most organizations. How do you get their attention? Interact with your audience and potential clients by answering their questions, sharing tips and engaging in online discussions. 

6. Try Freelance Writing

Try breaking into service-based freelancing if you have a writing talent. Organizations are always looking for talented wordsmiths to maintain their websites, create ad copy and engage readers through valuable content. 

Get in front of your clients by emailing fitness companies and politely asking them for writing opportunities. Otherwise, try content mills like Fiverr or Upwork to build your experience and portfolio. 

7. Sell Healthy Meal Boxes

Good nutrition supplements fitness, so your knowledge of diet is another skill to capitalize on. You can deliver ready-to-eat, healthy meal boxes on a subscription-based or put together fresh dinner ingredients for a homemade recipe and sell it to people who love to cook or prepare their own food. This type of business usually targets busy, health-conscious people. 

8. Get Sponsorships

A high social media following can help get some cash to pay bills. Consider contacting organizations for a collaboration project if you have online influence. 

Businesses have yielded high ROI through influencer marketing. Promoting activewear or supplements to increase the company’s bottom line can be another source of income for you.

9. Organize an Outdoor Class

Running an outdoor class may feel less overwhelming if you’re a social ghost or feel uncomfortable going online. It’s easy since you only need to promote your service to your local community. 

If you have neighbors wanting to lose pounds and gain strength, step forward and help them achieve their ideal body weight and size. Meet with them in a park each day for an hour and provide exercise and nutrition advice. 

10. Sell Fitness Merchandise

Promoting custom goods to your existing clients can add a few zeros to your bottom line and diversify your earning opportunities. 

Although it’s outside many fitness gurus’ comfort zones, designing your merch can be fun. You can express your creativity and develop your skills as a business owner. You can promote your gym bags, hoodies, or T-shirts on your website or social pages. 

Increase Revenue by Taking on a Side Hustle

It’s commonplace for full-time career people to have a side hustle or two to increase their income. Earning potentials are abundant for fitness gurus. You can start a health website, do private training or host company wellness programs. These side hustle ideas are relevant to your main career, making them easy and less stressful to start.

Feature Image by Antoni Shkraba on Pexels



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