5 Tips For A Successful Road Trip With Your Dog

We’re halfway through summer, and many people have taken trips with and without their furry friends. For those debating doing a car trip with their four-legged best friends, keep these five things in mind when traveling with your dog!

1. Pack supplies. 

Make sure you have everything you will need for you and Fido before you leave. This includes things like water bottles for your pets, waste bags, or their favorite chew toy to keep them occupied. Find a spot in the car where they can lie down comfortably and not get in your way while driving. We recommend you use seatbelts for dogs for safety and an easy way to fasten to their harness!

2. Make pit stops.

At some point during the drive, your dog will need to go or stretch their legs. Thankfully, the US has some dog-friendly gas stations! Places I’ve used before include “Love’s” and “On Cue,” which have small dog areas to let your friends loose.

3. Prepare for pet anxiety.

Some dogs love car rides, but others… not so much. If you have a dog that tends to pant or pace during the long duration of your trip, look into getting some sort of medication or treat that’ll keep them calm. When shopping, look for key ingredients such as chamomile, melatonin, and CBD. Also, keep in mind their weight and recommendations on the back of the package for dosing! It doesn’t hurt to try it out ahead of time just to see how they’ll react.

4. Create a playlist.

This is more so for us, but dogs enjoy music, too! Picking a playlist or set of artists to shuffle between can make or break your ride. (Sounds a bit dramatic, but it definitely can). This especially applies if you drive for a few hours or half the day. While you’re at it, throw in some podcasts if you get tired of Taylor Swift or NSYNC after a few hours. 

5. Set up maintenance.

Before your trip, check for the most important thing of them all: maintenance.  Make sure your car is ready for the trip. Do you need your oil changed? Do it before. Rotate your tires and top off your gas. Don’t assume your car is good to go and then find out shortly after that the indicators flash and your car comes to a standstill. If you plan to drive in bad weather, make sure you double-check the road conditions before you head out (and along the way if you have to change your route).

Summer is the perfect time for vacations, and it’s also the perfect time to spend with your fur babies! Keep these five things in mind to make sure you and your pets have everything you need for a smooth trip. Happy travels!

Featured image via Toni Tan on Pexels



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