10 Father’s Day Gifts Under $100 That Your Dad Will Love

Father’s Day is right around the corner, so here are 10 amazing gift ideas for the equally incredible dads and father figures in our lives! Whether your dad is sporty, tech-savvy, or super chill, you are guaranteed to find something here that he can appreciate. The best part? Everything’s under $100, so get shopping!

1. Skincare and Haircare Gift Set

Jack Black, The Grand Tour, $69 CAD, sephora.com

This gift set from Sephora is the perfect thing to get your dad if he loves his skincare or hair routine. It even comes with a little travel bag! Plus, if your dad enjoys this gift, Jack Black has a ton of other products that he might love as well(Their toner is amazing!)

2. Reusable Water Bottle

Teakwood Commuter, $40 USD, swellbottle.com

S’well has versatile water bottles in a variety of shapes, colours, and sizes.If your dad loves to stay hydrated, this is the gift for him! The bottles start at $25, so they won’t make a dent in your wallet, either. If you want to add a special touch, it costs just $10 to personalize your bottle. Show your dad the love he deserves and help contribute to saving the planet with these reusable bottles!

3. Charging Station

Trexonic Charging Station with 6 Device Slots, $24 USD, walmart.com

This is an extremely useful gift for your dad, especially if he’s a techie! It doesn’t take up too much space and has a sleek design that he’s sure to love!

4. Light Wake-up Clock

Light Wake-up Clock, $35 CAD, thesource.ca

This alarm clock simulates the sunrise, and what better way to ensure that Dad has a relaxing morning? There are also additional nature sound settings if your dad would rather be hitting the trails than lying in bed!

5. PopSockets Combo Travel Phone Stand

PopSockets Combo Travel Phone Stand, $15 USD, urbanoutfitters.com

Almost everybody has a PopSocket, so if your dad doesn’t have one yet, it’s time to get him on the bandwagon! This combo pack also comes with a useful pop-socket holder to attach his phone to his dashboard!

6. Cooler Backpack

Navy Cooler Backpack, $25 CAD, indigo.ca

While Indigo is known for books and stationary, they have some unique (but still useful) gifts. This cooler backpack is just one of those one-of-a-kind items. It’s perfect for trips with family and friends, and your dad is sure to rock it on his next hike!

7. Gym Bag

Defender III Small Duffel, $45 CAD, adidas.ca

Are you tired of your dad’s old, worn-out gym bag? Do you want to encourage him to stick to his exercise routine? This Adidas Duffel is the perfect gift! It isn’t too bulky and also has big enough pockets to separate your dad’s shoes and clothes. Plus, it has pockets!

8. Leather Bi-fold Wallet

Fossil Wade Leather Bi-fold Wallet, $44 CAD, thebay.com

There are some classic things that just scream “dad,” and this leather wallet is one of those #JustDadThings. It has a simple look and isn’t bulky, but it still fits up to 6 cards. He’s going to love it!

9. Mobile Mouse

Microsoft Surface Mobile Mouse, $45 CAD, bestbuy.ca

Whether your dad wants less clutter on his desk or just wants to go back to the old days with a computer mouse instead of laptop trackpad, this is the gift for him! There are usually a variety of types of computer mice to choose from at any tech store, and prices vary, so feel free to browse for the wireless mouse that will meet all of your dad’s computer needs!

10. Wireless Headphones

JBL Endurance Sprint Waterproof Wireless In-ear Sport Headphones, $70 CAD, amazon.com

There’s no better way to bond with Dad and show him how much you love him than with music! Getting the best man in your life some wireless headphones and dedicating a playlist to him is a super thoughtful gift. Plus, a playlist of your dad’s favourite songs is guaranteed to make him smile.

No matter your dad’s interests or personality, you’re guaranteed to find something he’ll absolutely love right here. But regardless of what you give your dad this Father’s Day, it’s the thought that counts. Just letting your dad know how much you appreciate him is enough.

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and father figures in our lives. We love you!

Featured Photo by Derek Owens on Unsplash.


  1. Hey! I’m an excellent gift giver—but I’ve occasionally detoured into questionable territory. I once wrapped up a 25-inch cardboard cut-out of my smiling face.


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