10 Theme Parks to Visit If You Love Disney World


Summer’s coming, and that means that it’s vacation-planking time! If you love theme parks but have been to Disney World one too many times, there are still plenty of fun theme parks around the world for you to visit. Check out these 10 theme parks that are a whole lot of fun:  

1. Hersheypark

Located in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Hersheypark is  the place to be if you’re a chocolate connoisseur. Say goodbye to seeing the same old Hershey flavors at your local grocery store when you  visit Hersheypark’s gift shop. You’ll also find a variety of candy-themed rides, like the Jolly Rancher Remix and the Cocoa Cruiser. The park also features multiple resorts, and they’re all chocolate-themed.

2. BonBon-Land

Denmark’s BonBon-Land may sound sweet, but it’s one of the strangest and funniest theme parks. The theme park started off as a factory that produced candies with eccentric names, such as “Ear Wax” and “Hundeprutter” (“Dog Fart”). 

If you’re into South Park-type humor, BonBon-Land is the right place for you. The park mascot is a farting dog, and there are plenty of funny side characters to meet, too. This theme park is truly an adult’s dreamland. 

3. Cedar Point 

This theme park in Sandusky, Ohio is a prime destination for every thrill-lover. Rides like Valravn and Millennium Force take you on adventures with steep drops and quick turns. The park also announced that they’re opening a new ride this year, so now’s a great time to visit!

4. Everland Theme Park 

Everland is South Korea’s largest amusement park. It’s family-friendly and has five fun sections: Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Zootopia. The Zootopia section includes an actual zoo, where guests can visit over 1,600 animals and even feed some of them. If you don’t usually love theme parks with animals because of their living conditions, you’ll be happy to know that Everland received the world’s highest animal welfare certification in 2019. 

5. Phantasialand 

Located near Cologne, Germany, Phantasialand is another family-friendly theme park that’s  picturesque. Upon first glance, visitors can see mountains, medieval villages, and temples. However, Phantasialand is more than just good for racking up those Instagram likes. The park boasts Taron, the longest multi-launch roller coaster in the world. Also, if you like staying at theme park properties, you’ll love the two two themed hotels in the park

6. Santa’s Village

Located in Bracebridge, Ontario, Santa’s Village is a family-run theme park with serious Christmas cottage vibes, even during the summertime! If you’re a fan of nature, you’ll enjoy Santa’s Village — the walk-through Enchanted Forest is a stunning sight. 

You can even camp at Santa’s Village. Choose between a yurt, a cottage, or a trailer for some woodsy Christmas fun year-round. 

7. Warner Bros Movie World

It’s “Australia’s number one theme park,” and it doesn’t disappoint: Warner Bros Movie World is full of superheroes and supervillains. In addition to your park ticket, you can also shell out for some exclusive experiences, like the Hollywood Stunt Driver experience. You’ll also find rides named after your favorite movies, like Superman Escape and DC Rivals Hypercoaster. 

8. Harmonyland

Japan’s Harmonyland is the place for every Hello Kitty fan. There’s even a Kitty Castle, the spot where Hello Kitty lives. Additionally, the Wonder Panorama Ferris wheel features Sanrio characters on every ride seat. The merchandise is all Sanrio and Hello Kitty, too, so they’re perfect to bring back home. 

9. Paultons Park 

Located in the UK, Paultons Park is a family-friendly place full of  attractions. The park even has an adorable Peppa Pig World, which includes nine rides, Peppa Pig’s house, and all  the show’s characters . If you’re into nature, you’ll love the Discovery Trail and gardens . This theme park gives you the best of both worlds — fun rides and nature.   

10. Leofoo Village Park

Taiwan’s Leofoo Village Park has a zoo and over 30 rides. The park has four areas; Wild West, South Pacific, Arabian Kingdom, and African Safari. If you want to stay overnight, check out the Leofoo Resort Guanshi, a hotel with an African safari theme that also lets you view animals from the window. 

 Each and every one of these amusement parks has a ton to offer for every type of park-goer. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to purchase your ticket and hop on a thrilling ride!

Featured Photo via Pexels.


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