6 Popular Brand Loyalty Reward Programs To Check Out

Customer loyalty programs are one of the most effective tools an online brand has at their disposal to show they care. It’s not always about the available perks either. It’s about the journey and the opportunity to build an experience for long-time users. 

Loyalty programs in competitive markets are still one of the most effective techniques a company can use to give users a reason to buy from them. The following five loyalty programs are some of the most trending and successful schemes online in 2023, driving engagement and exposure of their products and services.

1. Sephora: Beauty Insider Program

Sephora is one of France’s biggest personal care and beauty product brands. Since launching in Limoges in 1969, this brand has exploded into a multinational company, even developing its own in-house beauty label. Owned by parent company LVMH, this brand knows how to do things differently, and its Beauty Insider program is a very impressive loyalty scheme.

The program has a global membership of over 25 million people. The premise is simple and clear – members earn points for every transaction they make. The difference being that members get total flexibility over how they use their loyalty points, be it discounts, exclusive offers, or VIP access to special edition releases.

2. Amazon: Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime might seem like an obvious pick for successful loyalty programs in 2023, but it’s well worth exploring the pull of Prime membership. Since a large percentage of Amazon’s products can be bought elsewhere on the internet, Amazon Prime acts as a major point of difference compared with other ecommerce platforms.

The Amazon Prime model is one of the most interesting for brands in super-competitive markets. Its loyalty scheme – whether it’s “Lightning Deals,” access to Amazon entertainment, or free delivery – is proof that a company can outsmart competitors selling similar products at comparable prices.

3. Levi’s: RedTab Membership

In terms of outright creativity, Levi’s RedTab membership scheme is hard to beat. The brand understands what its core demographic wants – jeans that are an accurate reflection of their style and personality. This goes right down to their cut, fit and general design. RedTab members are given two alterations to their Levi’s every year.

That’s not all, RedTab members also get exclusive discounts on customized embroidery, as well as direct-to-garment prints. Members are also let in on exclusive Levi’s designer collaborations, like its recent tie-up with vintage fashion brand Bentgablenits.

4. HeySpin Casino Bonus

This relative newcomer to the crowded iGaming industry takes a progressive approach to its customer benefits. According to oddschecker’s recent review of the site, it has a seven-tiered loyalty scheme with increasing rewards the higher a user moves up the loyalty ladder. This is a great incentive to turn first-time customers into regular customers and long-term brand advocates.

5. Starbucks Coffee: Starbucks Rewards

There are very few loyalty programs more influential than the Starbucks Rewards scheme. Starbucks is a global coffee franchise that’s become ingrained in popular culture today. The Starbucks Rewards program helps to gamify caffeine for consumers, with the chance to accrue “stars” for every coffee they buy. In turn, these stars can be collected to pay for free coffees down the line.

Customers who pay for their coffees within the Rewards app can also accrue additional rewards. These incentives are worth it on Starbucks’ behalf, as they get access to invaluable consumer data in return. This makes it possible for them to personalize and tailor fresh perks and rewards.

6. The North Face: XPLR Pass

The North Face has established itself as one of the world’s most popular premium outdoor clothing brands. Its XPLR Pass loyalty program is a great example of how personalization and customer understanding can drive the bottom line. The XPLR Pass gives customers free standard delivery, 20 percent discounts for birthday purchases, and access into members-only events and competitions.

The XPLR Pass also makes it possible for members to “cash in” their XPLR points to spend on exclusive products long before they are released to the general public. This scheme is all about making customers feel special and part of a unique community of outdoor adventurers.

Many companies offer reward programs as an incentive these days. The trick is to find ones that line up with your shopping preferences and offer nice perks regardless of how much you spend. Hopefully,c this list will help you discover rewards programs for brands you already know and love.

Photo by David Dvořáček on Unsplash


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