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There is no one right way to get a tattoo. There are hundreds of different styles of tattoos, each with its unique look and feel. Whether you’re looking for something classic or something completely new and unheard of, you’ll find a type that’s right for you. And if you don’t know where to start, take a look at this gallery of the most popular tattoo artists in Miami.

Deciding to get a tattoo is a serious decision that raises a lot of questions: what style and pattern to choose, what size, and what tattoo artist to go to? If you ever wanted a change would you rather consider tattoo removal or a cover up? So we decided to briefly introduce you to the most popular tattoo styles. After all, each of them emphasizes a certain personality or character of a person. Draw your conclusions and select what is closest to your spirit.

How Tattoo Styles Were Formed

The origins of tattoo styles are often shrouded in mystery, but they may be traced back to the ancient art of tattooing. Before the early 1800s, it was mostly decorative and not used for medical purposes. It wasn’t until sailors and soldiers started getting them during the war that tattooing began to be used as a form of identification. After the war, they started tattooing them on civilians for entertainment purposes. This led to the development of many styles.

While some tattoo styles are rooted in traditional Japanese or Chinese art, others are based on modern fashion or pop culture. How did these popular tattoo styles form?

The Most Famous Tattoo Styles

With so many styles of tattoos to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one. But don’t worry — we’re here to help!

1. Traditional Tattoo Style

Traditional tattoos, also known as old-school tattoos, have naturally evolved, yet have remained true to their roots. Artists rely on symbolism, using bold lines, bright colors, and iconic designs. This is how they made this style one of the most respected and adored in the community. These tattoos have strong value and are filled with tattoo history. It’s hard to go wrong with a work in this genre!

2. Neo Traditional Tattoo Style

Neo traditional tattooing is an updated version of the traditional style, retaining its characteristic bold outlines and vivid colors, but taking a few additional cues. What sets neo traditional tattoos apart from traditional tattoos is their use of a broader range of colors and motifs, as well as the incorporation of natural elements such as flowers and animals. These tattoos are renowned for their intricate details and eye-catching ornamentation.

3. New School Tattoo Style

New school is the most recognizable and experimental style. It is characterized by bright color schemes, bold lines, and funny cartoon themes. New school art comes from the popular entertainment of the time, with its caricatures and other exaggerated figures. Although it hasn’t been as popular lately, it still retains its unique charm and energy.

4. Realism or Realistic Tattoo Style

Realistic tattoos strive to be as convincing as possible and often depict natural landscapes, animals, or portraits. Unlike the new school style, realism focuses on the exact transfer of a real image to the skin, rather than on novelty in design. Both color and black and gray shades can be used to create realistic tattoos. Specialized tattoo artists can embody their work on the skin with the help of complex details and techniques.

5. Watercolor Tattoo Style

This style is reminiscent of artwork painted with watery pastels. Watercolor tattoos are made exclusively in color. We can safely say that a tattoo in this style is real art! Since the drawings are very beautiful and bright. Also, a watercolor tattoo can have clearly defined contours, but most regularly it is drawn in its style, a relative of blurred contours, spots, strokes, and stains. It all looks original and fashionable.

6. Japanese Tattoo Style

Japanese-style tattoos are distinguished not only by the philosophy formed around them but also by several visual features. The main characteristics include mythical or historical motifs, sketches with many small details, asymmetrical pictures; symbols and geometric shapes, and special attention to the location of the color filling of the picture.

The main distinguishing feature of a Japanese-style tattoo is its deep symbolism. Every detail of the picture, whether it’s a flower, a curl, or a whole dragon, not only looks beautiful but has its own story and meaning. Therefore, before you fill in the picture characteristic of the tattoo style, it is important to find out the meaning that the image you like conveys.

7. Blackwork Tattoo Style

Blackwork is one of the most difficult styles of tattooing, requiring time and accuracy. It is an aesthetic black monolithic tattoo that combines the mysticism of elements, the rigor of ornaments, and the authenticity of drawing. This style of body art is currently undergoing a lot of experimentation, and the results are often truly remarkable. It is not difficult to find incredible black work tattoo portfolios and be amazed at the creativity and artistry involved.

8. Illustrative Tattoo Style

Illustrative tattoos combine traditional and realistic elements to create a unique style. They regularly use bold black outlines, but can also be vibrant and colorful. These tattoos stand out because they have a hand-drawn, animated look that sets them apart from photorealistic designs. 

Creativity and a sense of playfulness are the hallmarks of illustrative tattoos. Dotting, hatching, lines, and shading can be used to add detail and dimension. Even black and white illustrative tattoos can have a powerful graphical quality or a charming, storybook-like appearance.

In conclusion, the world of tattoos is vast and ever-changing. There are countless styles and designs to choose from, so it’s important to find the right one for you. If you’re looking for a unique and personal tattoo, be sure to explore the options available.

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