5 Online Dating Safety Tips That You Need To Know

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Bumping into someone and experiencing love at first sight has become quite a cliche. Most people don’t even meet in person anymore. Instead, dating apps are all the hype, and everyone swipes to match online before they even set foot in a bar or other public space.

There’s no doubt that the idea of going on a date with someone you have never met sounds pretty adventurous and fancy, mainly thanks to all the rom-com movies that glamorize it. However, you must understand that people in real life aren’t as lovely as you see them in reel life. According to ExpressVPN’s blog post, the number of scams on dating sites is rising, especially around Valentine’s Day, when people are more susceptible to dating scams. This means all individuals who pursue online dating should remain on high alert. Here are five online dating safety tips for everyone who swipes right.

1. Steer Clear Of Suspicious Profiles

Let’s say you come across a certain kind of profile on some dating app– this profile only has a single picture of the person, no bio or link to their social media account. Do NOT swipe right. Given how little this person has chosen to share about themselves, there’s a good chance that this profile is fake.

2. Check the Social Media Accounts Of Your Match

If the person you come across has mentioned their name or social media handles, look them up immediately. Make sure that their social media profile doesn’t look fake. Check if they are catfishing someone, i.e., using someone else’s pictures and pretending to be them. You can also run a reverse image search on Google to find out who they really are.

3. Block & Report Fake Profiles 

If you find that the other person is impersonating someone or misbehaving with you, it is better to block them. You should always try to follow your gut instinct. If someone gives you creepy vibes or something about them doesn’t feel right, it’s better to block them.

Apart from that, here are some signs that you should look out for and report a profile if you find these present:

  • The person you matched with starts asking for financial help because they suddenly have a major personal crisis. 
  • They abruptly disappear from the platform but then reappear with a new profile and name.
  • They give vague answers to questions about themselves. 
  • They get quite flirty or romantic early on or ask for pictures you may not be comfortable sharing. 
  • They pressure you to share personal details like a phone number or house address, often under the pretext of sending you gifts and flowers. 
  • Their profile says that they graduated with honors and medals from some top university, but their language skills feel off when you talk to them. 

4. Don’t Share Personal Information Right Away

When you meet someone on a dating platform and start talking to them, you might be tempted to tell them about yourself. The feeling is even stronger when the other person is a charming conversationalist. However, no matter how tempting it sounds, do not share personal details or life stories. Yes, being open and honest is good, but not immediately.

5. Meet In A Public Place

After you’ve talked to them for some time and all is going well, you might also want to meet in person. When you finally schedule an in-person meeting, make sure you do it somewhere in public, where plenty of people are around. Do not pick up lonely gardens or other isolated places as a first-date location. Even in a public setting, having a drink or two on your first date is okay, but make sure not to get outright drunk.

So, these are some online dating safety tips that you need to keep in mind before you meet up with a potential partner or date on some dating app or website. Although these tips do not guarantee safety, they will undoubtedly help you feel more secure while you are out there looking for love or just something casual.

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