The 20 Types Of People You’ll Meet On A Plane

After being confined in a room for over two years, I finally feel the excitement of going outside and traveling.

However, I’m always reminded that I may have to book a ticket and get on a plane. Don’t get me wrong, plane trips are fun, but sometimes, they can be long and draining. 

But regardless of the flight duration, here are 20 types of passengers you will come across. 

1. The Business Person. 

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This person is headed to a business conference. They’re dressed well, in a hurry, and behave professionally. 

2. The Passenger Lost in Their Music 

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We get that commuting from one place to another is not the most amusing way to spend time. So, there are passengers on planes who blast music, and sing and dance to it. 

3. The Skincare Guru 

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There’s always that one person who is applying their face mask. If you are one of these people, props for your courage. 

4. The Makeup Lover 

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Similar to the skincare guru, these passengers are always applying makeup on the plane. Hopefully it turns out well. 

5. The One Always Calling for the Flight Attendant

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The flight attendants are a button press away after all. 

6. The Passenger Who Is Always Sneezing

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Did you know that airlines try to maintain a low cabin temperature to limit the effects of hypoxia? Hence, you often see one or two people sneezing and coughing constantly on the plane. 

7. The “Bedtime Routine” Passenger

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This is the passenger who often brushes their teeth on the plane, even in front of others. Yuck…

8. The Grumpy Passenger 

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There is always that one guest who complains about everything. Planes are no different, especially when there’s a delay. 

9. The “Obsessed with Luggage” Passenger 

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Luggage tends to contain valuable items, so there are some people who constantly try to reposition their luggage and check on it. 

10. The Screaming Child 

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Whenever you’re on a plane, there’s always that one child who is nervous about flying and constantly screaming. 

11. The Passenger Who Cannot Sit Still 

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Whether they are dancing in the aisle or pacing up and down, this passenger just cannot seem to sit in their seat and always wanders around the cabin. 

12. The Passenger Constantly Kicking Your Seat

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You know which one I’m talking about: the one sitting behind you who constantly kicks or touches your seat. Personal boundaries much? 

13. The Flirt 

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Hopefully you don’t have to meet this passenger — the one who would constantly flirt with the people sitting beside them. 

14. The Sleepy Head

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There will also be a few passengers who will sleep through the whole plane ride, even if it’s 14 hours long. 

15. The Instagram Documenter

This person is usually dressed to the nines or tens, and is always recording and taking pictures of the plane. 

16. The Unaccompanied Minor

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There’s always that one brave kid under the age of 14 flying alone.

17. The Loud College Students 

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You can tell they came back from a spring break trip. 

18. The Chatterbox.

This passenger will talk to everyone about anything. It may make a long flight go by quicker, though.

19. The Hungry Passenger 

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This passenger is always asking for food and water. All the time. 

20. The Impatient Passengers

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These passengers are always on the go. When the plane lands, they are the first ones to stand up.

Well, as we all may know, planes are definitely a memorable experience, but an expensive one too. After all, there’s so much that can happen. But the next time when you’re on a plane, be prepared to see these passengers and deal with them. Which passenger do you think you are? Let us know!

Photo by Killian Pham on Unsplash


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