To The Daughter Who Is Slowly Becoming Her Mother

“A Mother and A Daughter” is a poem filled with love that I have for my mother. I have grown up in a single parent household and that has hugely shaped the woman I’ve become. My mother has been the consistent force of support in my life and I can’t begin to express how thankful I am for her. We have withstood so many trials and tribulations as a duo and she is someone I admire because strength oozes from her; it is truly amazing.

I love being a soft force of nature, but I sometimes wish I could be a little bit thicker skinned in nature. She has taught me to be driven, self-sufficient, ambitious, loving, and to work for what I want in life. I don’t know who or what I would be today without her presence in my life.

A mother and a daughter
What’s to be said about those two?
A bond so deep, so pure
Similar souls and trials lived through

A mother and a daughter
How many memories we’ve had
Abundantly countless in measure
Our days together are ones I treasure

No one can love me the way you do
Except for Jesus, and I’m thankful He gave me to you
Unconditionally and forever
That’s you and I
A mother and daughter
A closeness no one can deny

A daughter so thankful
A young heart filled with love
Oh, for what God’s given her from up above
What’s to be said about us two?

I love you, I truly do
A love greater than another
Simply, always between

A mother and a daughter

“A Mother and A Daughter” is a poem that I hope resonates with a lot of women and men who have lived this same lifestyle. Single parenthood should be celebrated, simply because raising children has to be one of the hardest challenges anyone can face.

I haven’t experienced that for myself yet, but I cannot imagine facing it all on my own. My own memory gives some glimmer as to how difficult my childhood was, but I am thankful to have made it through with the greatest person I know: my mother. She has shown me the type of parent I hope to be one day. She has proven that you can persevere through any obstacle you may face and still come out in one piece.

I love our life together and I wouldn’t have it any other way; I am becoming my mother in many ways and I am happy to see that. I hope this poem is a relatable piece, as that was my only intention for these words; nothing too deep or meaningful, but rather something sweet to the soul for all of the single parents out there. ( If you happen to be a single father, just change all the “mothers” to “fathers” and you’ll be golden.)

Single parents truly are forces to be reckoned with. My life has turned out for the best, and my mother has been a huge reason for all that I have attempted and accomplished; she is truly my rock.

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