Why Dating Online Is Not Exactly For Everyone

Online dating is now seen as the easiest way for some people to find genuine love, but realistically, that’s not always the case. Online dating allows people to explore a bigger dating pool both geographically and culturally, but never settle, even when desperation hits.

Many will find it difficult to adapt when meeting online instead of in person. Connecting may feel strange. 

Online dating will always exist, but there’s no question that many instead take part in real-life dating because there are more options and connections. Also, many people are selective, so dating will always be complicated. But online dating allows people to choose a partner based on their appearance, personality, and interests.

Online dating isn’t for everyone — some people hate the idea that they’re dating a total stranger. These five situations may let you know that online dating might not be for you.

1. You are paranoid because of others’ opinions.

You won’t succeed in online dating if you think about how many people don’t understand what you’re doing. You won’t be comfortable with your partner either. You’ll suppress your feelings instead of relishing the joy of finding someone new to love. 

2. You’re a doubter.

If you think dating is something you can study and test, you’re not prepared for a connection. If you doubt the process of online dating because of things you’ve read about it, you may not succeed. If you think you’re going to fail at online dating, then that could become your reality instead of finding lasting love.

3. You take too many risks.

Online dating can be difficult because you have to keep yourself safe. Dating others online can easily go wrong if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t take steps to make sure they’re safe from online predators or people with shady profiles. If you’re too much of a risk-taker to keep yourself safe on a date with a stranger, take a chance on dating someone you already know.

4.  You don’t learn from your mistakes. 

Online dating is often a sort of hit-and-miss dating experimentation. It’s not that different from everyday life — though the amount of mistakes you can make may be higher than what you’d make in a day off of dating apps. Dating apps aren’t perfect, and neither are you, but that’s OK. If you aren’t comfortable with making mistakes, though, stay away from online dating.

5. You’re cynical.

Online dating is built on high expectations. Of course, if you want to succeed at dating online, you can’t hope to fail. Though you might not find the perfect person on the first try, you won’t find anyone who’s right for you if you expect to lose every time you strike up a conversation. If you don’t think the process will work, then don’t use it to find love.

6. You think that online dating is a joke. 

Dating should be thoughtful, so don’t make it a joke. Your potential matches want to connect with you, so if you aren’t willing to take the process seriously, delete your dating apps. 

Online dating lets people make new connections, but it’s difficult for some people to go through the process of online dating or using dating apps to find love. If you don’t like the idea of online dating, that’s OK — you can log off and find other ways to meet your perfect match.

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