How The New US Abortion Laws Are Truly Impacting Us

In a country that claims we have freedom of speech and equality, our rights are taken away right before our eyes almost every moment of every day. And we aren’t talking about it enough. For example, in New York, some centers allow you to shoot up heroin. But we’re still not able to choose whether or not we want to have a child. In a country where insurance is barely affordable and the cost of living, eating, and breathing is more than the minimum wage, we’re still not given an option on whether or not we want an abortion or not. 

There are problems with that. For instance, women can’t be on the same level of equality as men, wage gaps are 83 cents to the dollar, corporate positions support the man, and female rape allegations are downplayed. And now, women will soon not be able to decide what to do with their bodies and reproductive systems. This case goes much deeper than the right to an abortion. This goes as deep as a woman not being able to decide her own fate.

Overturning Roe vs. Wade would leave women with no control over their bodies, giving them only one option if they are pregnant: keep it. 

The groups who consider themselves “pro-life” aren’t technically pro-life. There are many other dangerous effects that come with the overturn of Roe vs. Wade since being  “pro-life” involves supporting all lives. 

So, when supporting this overturn, you are advocating the opposite. You are advocating for women’s endangerment and the risk of death when giving birth. You’re supporting children being born addicted to heroin because the mother was addicted during pregnancy. 

This also means that you’re perfectly fine with children being put in the system because their parents couldn’t afford them or are too young. It means you’re OK with children who are adopted by abusive parents. Or those who are abused by their biological parents. It shows that you don’t mind when children are born into poor and unstable homes without the opportunity to eat. By being “pro-life,” you are not actually thinking about the mother or the child. 

The “no exception for rape or incest” is by far the most bonkers sanction in this whole abortion ordeal. It shows that a country that advocated for the #metoo movement and canceling men in the entertainment industry without solid proof of assault disregards every victim of sexual assault who shares DNA with their abusers. 

Making abortions illegal won’t stop abortions — and that’s something people don’t seem to understand. Overturning Roe vs. Wade won’t get rid of abortions. Instead, it’ll lead to more unsafe practices that will cost lots of lives. Just like you can create dangerous substances in your home, you can do the same with aborting a child. And we should strive to prevent that by keeping abortions legal.

Featured image via Manny Becerra on Unsplash


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