18 Of The Most Powerful Tweets About Alabama’s New Abortion Law

On Wednesday May 15th, Alabama created the most strictest abortion law the US has ever seen that makes doctors providing abortions a felony punishable by prison. The law only allows two exceptions “to avoid a serious health risk to the unborn child’s mother” for ectopic pregnancies and if the “unborn child has a lethal anomaly.” That means rape victims (including when it’s incest) are forced to carry on their pregnancy as young as 11 and 12 years old.

And this law was made official by a woman. How disgusting, right?

Sadly Ohio, Georgia, Kentucky and Mississippi have already passed bans outlawing abortions once a heartbeat is detected as early as six weeks-which most women don’t even know their pregnant at that point. Nine other states are considering similar bans as well. So the giant step backs in society have been escalating for a while now, but this is the straw that is breaking our backs and our silence.

As a result of the news sharing, there have been quite a lot of backlash and words of support and horror. Women and male allies alike are not backing down and vocalizing their concerns and lack of support in these viral tweets.

I think it’s actually pathetic that a country can make a new law for abortion much faster than gun laws considering more children are lost yearly through a mass shooting than they are for abortions.

Funny how condoms don’t feel right, but forcing someone to have a child they don’t want because of a lack of other birth control options or accidents that sometimes happen is totally something that apparently feels right.

I’ll gladly jump on board with this trend if need be.

Isn’t this a disgusting fact? And at 11, chances are they didn’t want to be pregnant or even have sex.

This tweet might be controversial, but it’s the harsh truth that many women experience. Unwanted pregnancies are a leading factor why women can’t get an education or continue their education further.

And this tweet is coming from a man.

She has a point. And at least it could make us all laugh for a quick second despite this disgusting time we’re living in.

So not only are they forcing women against their will to carry children or banning them from having accessible health care, they are also potentially discouraging for women to be able to vote.

Aside from the fact that they all don’t have lips, I really can’t see anything else that might be common with these gentlemen? Do you?

It’s the same people who don’t believe in killing an unborn child because it’s inhumane that also believe that neglecting their born children for their sexuality and cutting them off are totally normal and acceptable

Powerful statement to say the least.


The sarcasm is totally needed, and I appreciate the fact that this actress used her platform to turn the tables a bit.

Exactly, it absolutely is not anyone’s damn reasons for their choice to have an abortion. But it should be their choice to have one if they choose.

Sadly, we aren’t really surprised this is happening. We’re more surprised that more people aren’t speaking up against this.

How is it that a man can literally ejaculate wherever and in whoever he wants, forces a woman to stay pregnant with his child yet have not an ounce of responsibility for that child even though he’s 100% responsible for that child existing?

If this isn’t one of the most powerful statements I’ve read coming from a man yet, I don’t know what is. They absolutely need to be using their privilege to make a change.

People often get pro choice confused with other terms, but at the end of the day we should all be supportive of what other people wish to do to their bodies.

The time for change is now, and I encourage for everyone to show their support for the pro-choice movement. This isn’t just a discussion about supporting abortions, because even if you don’t agree with it, you should still support the fact than every woman should have a say of what they will like to do with their bodies. Especially in circumstances that are unthinkable yet common. And if you have a story to share, use the hashtag #YouKnowWhy on Twitter to help prove they are beneficials.

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