4 Ways To Rekindle Romance And Intimacy In Your Relationship


A sound relationship should be based on emotional intimacy and companionship. A slight lack of attention can be distracting for couples, and they start feeling as if the romance is gone from their lives forever. That’s why it’s relatively easy to get into a relationship than to keep it going splendidly for long.

Losing romance is obviously a point of concern, but hey, guess what, you can bring it back to your lives without doing anything extravagant. Sounds impossible? Nah!

Let’s get to know sharp-witted ideas to rekindle romance and intimacy into your relationship to come close to each other – where both of you actually belong. 

1. Hold hands more often. 

Holding hands is a cute way of letting your partner know that you’re here as a companion

Do you know hugging and touching out of nowhere can release oxytocin?  Yes, it does, and releasing this hormone can give a calming sensation. 

Oxytocin also gets released during sexual orgasm, so how about you touch each other and hold hands to get the same sensation every now and then? 

It will also send a message to your lover that you’re in need to spend some quality time and reduce your stress levels.

If you two are having some issues, it’s good to ask for forgiveness formally, but holding hands and giving the vibes that you actually feel sorry for what you did is the way forward to sort things out. 

2. Wearing a classy outfit can seal the deal.

Do you remember the days when both of you used to take ages to get ready for one another? Why don’t you do that anymore? If you think it isn’t necessary, you aren’t thinking straight. 

A substantial reason couples start losing romance is because of not taking personal care to the level that’s required to look good. 

It doesn’t matter how much time you’re willing to spend with the partner, things won’t work unless you take notice of personal hygiene and outfit. 

Has it been ages since you two had the time of your life? Better try wearing trendy women’s clothing to bring date days back when your aura was on a whole next level. 

Your darling will undoubtedly take notice of this little gesture. And the romance along with passion which you have long been craving for will be back to make your life beautiful. 

3. Help your spouse feel prioritized.

It’s challenging to keep the romance alive because of the hectic work schedule and daily life stress. 

Get creative, and start prioritizing your partner to let the magic happen for both of you. Prioritizing someone doesn’t necessarily mean spending all day together. 

It could be a romantic text in the middle of the day or a surprise present for your sweetheart to give the impression you’ve everything under control.  

Talk to each other for a moment no matter how busy you are. A common reason why couples don’t feel satisfied with one another is that they feel ignored by the other side. 

Being romantic in the midst of chaos requires out-of-the-box thinking, and once you manage to do that, it’ll be a matter of time before you bring back intimacy to your relationship. 

4. Let the tension build!

Have you ever noticed utmost pleasure because of long-term anticipation? Obviously, you do because that’s how the human psyche works. 

One of the most ingenious ways of bringing chemistry back into a relationship is to let the tension build between each other. 

Now comes the question, how to make it happen, is that what you’re thinking right now? Well, how about you take your time during foreplay to tantalize your spouse? Or what about sharing the fantasies you have? 

Although these are the little things, they can work amazingly well for couples to get their romance back on track. 

Make your partner wait for you because that’s the right approach to make sex more romantic

Losing romance down the road of a relationship is common; there’s nothing to be worried about. All you need to do is start trying to do things your spouse likes, and you’ll get your relationship back to the way it was – romantic and intimate. 

Keeping in mind the aforementioned tips and tricks can easily help normalize life in terms of romance and excitement. So, what are you waiting for? Make your move, and start enjoying alluring moments with your partner.

Photo by Edward Eyer from Pexels


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