Grab Your Plus One: 9 Fun Couples Costume Ideas

It’s been a rough go-around and we can all use some humor these days. Halloween is always a great way to be silly and have fun with your partner. 

Dressing in couple’s costumes brings bonding, laughs, and, obviously, ridiculous photo-ops. Since Halloween this year is a Sunday, you know everyone is bound to celebrate the whole weekend. 

Try these costumes out or if you’re really adventurous.

1. Tinder Match

Did you and your partner meet on an app? You can make this easy DIY costume out of cardboard. It can be a fun homage to your first few dates. It’s bound to get some laughs as well. 

2. Salt’ N’ Pepa

Paying homage to the well-known music duo and taking the name literally can be an easy and funny way to don a couples costume. One person can wear all white with a letter S and one can wear all black and shield a large letter P. Easy as 1, 2, 3, and bound to get some laughs.

3. Cruella and Estella

After watching Cruella on Disney+ (and loving it!), my fiance and I decided this would be our Halloween costume this year. You can easily make the costumes with items from your closet. And since the movie is new, your friends are unlikely to have seen anyone rock that costume yet.

4. Taco Bell(e)

A play on words is always fun! With Taco Bell(e), someone is a literal taco and the other is Belle from Beauty and the Beast. This one may stump your friends at first, but will ensure laughs once they get it. 

5. Netflix and Chill

Everyone knows what Netflix and Chill is. They also know it’s how some couples creeped out of the friend zone and into the dating zone. Someone can dress up as the Netflix logo while the other can be cozy or an ice bucket. 

6. For the expecting parents: Cat in the Hat plus Thing 1 and Thing 2

An easy and fun way to include your baby before they’re out of the womb. The baby can have a tag saying Thing 2 so everyone can be a part of this fun costume.

7. Steve and Blue

Since Steve came back with a video that tugged at our heartstrings, why not pay homage to a childhood show and dress as the two leads? Heck, if you have a friend couple they can be that Mr. Salt and Mrs.Pepper and you can all go together. *Mind blown*

8. Georgie and Pennywise

For those who like creepy costumes, being the sweet boy and the creepy clown from It can be a fun way to pair with your partner and keep the spooky vibes going. There will be no denying who you’re portraying either. 

9. Any dynamic duo from movies, games, music, history

Truly, the couple’s costume options are endless. Mario and Luigi, Bonnie and Clyde, and Beyonce and Jay-Z are just a few options. 

Whatever you come up with, as long as you’re having fun and making memories, who cares about the rest? Happy Halloween!

Featured image by A Koolshooter from Pexels


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