5 Jewelry Staples You Should Have in Your Collection

Jewelry is arguably one of the most essential ways to accessorize yourself. Unfortunately, it is the most ignored one as well. Having a few pieces of jewelry laying around isn’t necessarily a jewelry collection. 

A proper jewelry collection should reflect a few things. Firstly, the collection should reflect your own self. It should be in coherence with your personality. Secondly, it should offer variety in colors, design aesthetics, and usage. It should be versatile. 

And last but not least, it should be a perfect marriage of form and function. It should also serve some purpose other than make you look stunning. 

Your jewelry collection should be versatile enough to enhance your aura for any occasion without losing your personal touch. Here are five pieces that will grace your jewelry collection with utmost desirability.

1. Gemstone Necklace

Like all jewelry pieces, gemstones are the current obsession in the world of fashion. Some believe they are healing tools that can bring balance and stability to their lives. 

According to these people, gems such as Quartz, Labradorite, and Shungite have transformational healing energies that protect one from negative sources. This allows healing and helps build a connection with the higher spiritual realms. 

Shungite jewelry is made with a powerful mineral, including a crystallized form of carbon called fullerenes. These offer anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, which makes them even more exclusive and valuable. You can style the necklace with any ensemble to add some texture, break color, and add a touch of glam to your everyday formal looks.  

2. Personalized Charms

Since childhood, we’ve been obsessed with adding our initials to everything — be it a BFF beaded necklace, a cute bathrobe, backpack, sandals, tiffin boxes, etc. Now that we’ve grown up, there’s no reason why we have to limit our selections. 

These non-traditional adornments not only tend to our childhood memories, but provide one-of-a-kind pieces great for self-expression.. The adult and more fabulous versions include engraved charms, monogrammed amulets, or personalized jewelry. They can spell out your favorite quote, mantra, or a special loved one’s name in their own signature handwriting. 

3. Crystal Earrings

A pair of crystal earrings is a fabulous addition to any jewelry collection. Although, for women attracted to the rarest jewels, a pair of beautiful Tanzanite earrings should be part of your jewelry collection for many reasons. 

It’s supposedly the rarest gem on Earth and is a thousand times rarer than a diamond! These radiant pairs are made from a crystal with pleochroic property, meaning it can reflect different hues in different angles. The colors range from rich burgundy to purple and deep blue. 

With better color and clarity, the exclusivity of the jewel increases. A stone that can rival the regal charm of a blue Sapphire, people expect that Tanzanite will deplete in the next 20 years or so. 

4. Chain Link Necklace

2021’s most popular trend is chain-link jewelry. Famous designers such as Chanel, Versace, and Chloe’s latest Summer and the Fall collections prove that everyone is experimenting with different styles of chain-link accessories. 

Instagram celebrities have posed with layers of chain-link bracelets, necklaces, and even rings in gold and silver tones. The piece is very popular for its versatility. It complements every skin tone, face shape, and neckline. 

Moreover, the necklace can also be stacked with other pieces of jewelry to make it look like the person has put more effort into their ensemble when it’s very easy to put on and style. Adding one chain link item to your jewelry collection is a must. 

5. Pearl Strings

If pearls aren’t already a part of your jewelry collection, this is the perfect opportunity to add them. In recent times, more and more people have started wearing pearls. Although they aren’t a new concept, the current obsession with pearl chokers and multi-layered necklaces has made the ocean’s most treasured piece a crowd favorite. 

Millennials and Gen Z are also styling the accessory piece with everything from t-shirts to dresses to sweats. Moreover, the pearls no longer need to be in a symmetrical shape or color but can be as raw and unique as you like. A small rhinestone motif in the center of a cluster of diamonds strung between every piece of pearl will give it a more exclusive look and style. 

Which jewelry piece will you be adding to your collection? Let us know in the comments!

Photo by Steven Arenas from Pexels


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