15 Things Every 90s Kid Will Remember 

90s pay phone
90s pay phone

In my opinion, the 90s were the last greatest decade. The television shows were amazing, kids could still be kids, and life was simple. If you grew up in the 90s, you were lucky. It also means you might remember these 15 amazing things that made life so much better. Here’s to the 90s babies who may have had these gadgets, watched these shows, and enjoyed one of the greatest decades for being a kid!

1. Digital Pets 

From bats to babies and from aliens to apes, digital pets were the craze when they were introduced in 1996. These toys were fun, helped teach responsibility, and crushed us when our pet died because we forgot to feed it.

2. Blockbuster

If you loved movies, then you were always at Blockbuster. The feeling of renting your favorite movie brought a sense of joy. However, if you weren’t quick enough, someone else got the copy of Groundhog Day before you, and you had to wait for them to return it before enjoying it yourself.

3. Macarena 

It was the most popular 90s song that everyone knew the moves to. But did you know it’s about a woman cheating on her boyfriend? I guess it didn’t matter since the beat got us all moving!

4. Giant Cellphones 

Today’s smartphones are nothing compared to the two-pound cellphones of the 90s. Even though the Motorola phone was the size of the average house phone, it didn’t stop people from embracing the new technology. 

5. Lisa Frank 

Almost every 90s girl had Lisa Frank stationary — those cute, neon snow leopards that made it hard for you to misplace your math notebook.

6. Delia’s Magazine 

The highlight for any 90s girl was when Delia’s magazine came. From cute crop tops to colorful pants, Delia’s had the fashion everyone wanted. 

7. Nickelodeon Radio 

Having one of these cool radios was the envy of every 90s kid. Sure, it had an alarm that woke you up for school, but it was a pretty cool alarm. You can still find these radios online, but at a much higher price than thirty years ago. 

8. Bonne Bell Lip Smacker

While the 90s had some outrageous makeup trends, Lip Smacker was definitely not one of them. Whenever I smell that lightly-tinted watermelon lip balm, I am instantly brought back to my childhood. 

9. Goosebumps 

Everyone warned you that the stories in this book series were scary. But that didn’t stop you from reading about a camera that can predict the future or two kids who move to a town filled with strange people. 

10. VHS Tapes 

There was nothing better than recording your favorite show on a VHS tape and getting to watch it over and over.

11. Girls Bands vs. Boy Bands 

Whether it was Spice Girls vs. TLC or NSYNC vs. Backstreet Boys, the 90s did produce some great bands.

12. TY Beanie Babies 

Schweetheart the Orangutan was my favorite, and now it costs more than it’s worth. But these cuties kept 90s kids happy, at least for a little bit. 

13. Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

… and all the parody songs that came with that scandal!

14. Barbie Girl 

This catchy song about life in plastic being fantastic definitely brings back 90s memories — that is, if you still have the cassette. 

15. Getting Ready for Y2K 

There was nothing scarier for a kid in the 90s than fearing the world would end when the clock turned to 12:00 am on January 1, 2000.

This list can go on and on with all the things that made the 90s the best. If you were lucky enough to grow up in the 90s, you were lucky enough. What is your favorite memory from the 90s? Let us know in the comments below!

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