6 Ways Yoga And Mindfulness Will Reduce Your Stress


Stress and anxiety can creep their way into our lives frequently. From interactions at work to your family wanting to know when you’re visiting next, trying to balance it all can lead to increased anxiety and worry. Learning to minimize the effects these daily stresses have on your mood can help you live a more balanced, calm, and full life. 

Today, if we look into our society, people are taking drugs and getting themselves into bad mental states, which causes depression and anxiety. 

In order to come out of this state and get motivation to live a healthy life, meditation and reading anti-drug quotes can have a huge impact on one’s life. They can calm and inspire them. 

For years, yoga and meditation have been renowned for their ability to calm the mind and help minimize stress and several physical ailments. Over time there have been many proven benefits of both yoga and meditation. 

Let’s take a look at our top six for you to start living more happily. 

1. It reduces your blood pressure.

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High stress levels increase your blood pressure. In turn, this can lead to several severe health impacts including heart attacks and strokes. 

Yoga and mediation can help to calm your nerves. By focusing on the internal parts of your body through deep breathing, you can help to soothe the mind and body.

2. You’ll sleep better.

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A good night’s sleep helps us see improvements in many aspects of our hectic lives — stress reduction included. The calming effect that yoga and mindfulness can have on your body in reducing blood pressure and minimizing stress causes your body to relax more and fall asleep quicker, for longer periods. 

Through yoga, you can increase your melatonin levels — your sleep hormone!

Stress can have us struggling to sleep at night and feeling lethargic and exhausted throughout the day. So if you find yourself sleepy with worry, try e liquid by air factory to enhance mood and relieve anxiety. 

3. It helps fight migraines and tension headaches.

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Many people who struggle with stress and anxiety also suffer from severe migraines and tension headaches. Migraines can be very debilitating to live with, stopping you from going about your day-to-day life. 

Screen time can also contribute to continuous headaches and eye pain. It may seem easier to reach for a packet of pills to soothe your aching head. But, there is evidence supporting yoga and mindfulness’ abilities to help reduce the frequency of your migraines, freeing you from your screen and stimulating the vagus nerve. 

4. It can clear your mind.

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Yoga offers us something hard to obtain in our hectic lives — a moment of serenity. A time to focus on our breathing, the way our body moves, and the quietness of our soul, putting aside our worries and concerns.

Many yoga poses involve some physical concentration, leaving you with little time to worry about what’s for dinner or tomorrow’s meeting. Instead, you focus on how your body is moving. The way you are connecting with both your mind and body.

5. Increased exercise levels.

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Running, hitting the gym, and having heavy cardio sessions may not be for us all, but it is undeniable that increasing movement helps reduce stress. Yoga offers a more relaxed form of exercise. That’s not to say it is not hard work and a great workout. It is just less strenuous on muscles than some other forms of exercise. 

The good thing is there are several different yoga practices that work for many different fitness levels, so try a few and find the practice that works for you. 

6. It helps you relax!

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How often do you stop and do nothing? With our hectic schedules taking over our lives, we rarely stop. Yoga sessions typically end with around five minutes focused on relaxing — taking up the Corpse pose and lying back.

Although it can initially be hard to switch off and enjoy this moment of peace, it will probably become your favorite part of your practice! Transitioning back into an awakened and refreshed state with the Savasana pose can allow you to leave your training ready to face the day.

So there you have it, six key benefits of yoga and mindfulness in reducing stress from your life. Start with these and you’ll be feeling more relaxed and heading into your days focused and positive. 

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  1. Before the Covid 19 Spread I was not able to spare time for any physical activities like Yoga & Exercise. But when Covid 19 spread and lockdown imposed, I had plenty of time to focus on my physical health. I started Yoga. And believe me after 1 year I cannot miss my Yoga as it soothes my mind and gives energy. I really suggest everyone to try yoga atleast 10 to 15 minutes daily.


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