5 Ways To Stay Calm & Level-Headed In A Chaotic World

The year 2021 seemed to have been born in chaos. Fortunately, staying calm in chaos is possible. The internet connects souls across the globe, valuable information is shared, and relationships are created. But, this platform is shared with those who wish to cause doubt, confusion, and, most of all, division.

It’s a proven scientific fact that the brain cannot learn as well while in a state of fear. In fact, under stress and fear, the body becomes susceptible to illness, shutting off the logical mind as the fight-or-flight instincts take over. When this energy is mixed with a constant IV drip of fearful news, that may or may not even be true but simply an opinion, it’s a perfect storm for division and retreat, causing a cycle of more reactions and fear — the spiral.

Underneath this facade is still a valuable truth that will never die. We were born into this world to learn and grow and to love — together. Division was never the plan.

This year, as the political division grows and the fear of unknown viruses and other foreign and unorthodox viewpoints are cultivated throughout the nation, there’s a chance to find calm within the storm.

If you want to be more level-headed and in a chaotic reality, here are 5 ways on staying calm in the chaos.

1. Take a break from internet news and social media for a month.

During this 30-day ritual, remind yourself of what’s true in your world.

Do you have pets? Spend time enjoying them! Do you have hobbies that have been neglected? Spend a day or two exploring your area to see if there are places and Meetups that share this interest.

Get back out with people who share your soul passions. Seek out people who are connected to the earth — go hiking, bird watching, camping, or anything outdoors. Our souls were created to walk beside still waters and rest in green pastures. Never forget this is our way to reboot and reconnect with our Creator and our soul passions.

2. Create a new vision board for 2021 to stay calm.

On this vision board, there should be one word placed in the middle: Truth. As the year progresses, you will place images or phrases on this board that reflect your truth about your goals for your life.

The truth about what you want to leave behind for others to learn or discover about your journey once you are no longer here. The truth about what your promise is to the world and how you will go about delivering that promise. If you currently have no promise to the world, what about a promise to those you love? You can even make a truth vision board about what you want to do for yourself.

3. Attend a spiritual service weekly.

Whatever your faith, connect your soul to others who believe the same truth about their spiritual journey here on earth. Make sure that this experience brings you love and connection and not fear or judgment.

Take notes and journal your truth after each service. God will speak to your heart in these places and will guard your heart when you cannot.

4. Take part in self-care in truth.

Each day, remind yourself of what is true about you. Are you out of shape and would like to get into shape? If this is true, create a health plan and follow steps to meet this truth head-on.

Do you want to explore learning a new trade or would you like to go back to school? Take steps needed to explore these ideas.

Is it true that you have low self-esteem? Embrace this truth and take steps to surround yourself with helpful experiences and people who build you up in your truth of how beautiful you truly are.

You will build confidence in yourself and you will feel grounded in something you know is true and real for you and your better self. Plan a visit to the beach or the mountains, both hold the energy of renewal and cleansing. Nature, nature, nature!

5. Purge people and activities that bring you into doubt, confusion, and fear.

As hard as it may be, if people are not on the same page as you and are feeding you the media blur of “facts” and upcoming gloom, set boundaries for these people this year.

This is a fragile time in the world and we’re all being called to choose our reality.

There seem to be hundreds to choose from, but the only one that matters is the reality that gets you to your end goal of being a light for others, especially yourself and those under your care. So choose the truth that helps you stay calm.

Setting boundaries and limiting time or even deleting these people from your life may become necessary as we work through this year of finding the truth and remaining vital for one another. You may want to repeat this ritual every other month to stay in tune with your truth. Jesus left us with some beautiful wisdom to keep our vibration up and our discernment for truth sharp.

He said in Philippians 4:8, “Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.”

You have the power to shift your energy.

If we continue to do this for this year, energy will shift in our lives in such an undeniable way. We do have the power to change, and it will not come from news media or Google University. It will come from within each of us as we discover what is accurate at the basic level of who we are as individuals created by a loving Creator.

In closing, I will say this: In Genesis, during the creation of the world, upon the end of each day, God saw things were “good,” and He “affirmed and sustained” each creation. Meaning, he said it was true, and he gave each creation everything it needed to survive. That includes us as human beings.

We are true. We are not alone. And qe have all we need to get through this time because the Creator is not asleep nor is He afraid.

Use this time as an opportunity to seek out your truth, despite what the media is telling you it is. We’re in the space between one life and the next… and the Creator is not done!

Good things are coming! Stay calm!

Originally written by Jennifer Fields on YourTango

Featured image via Garon Piceli on Pexels


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