For The Guy That Put Me In The Friend Zone

Dear Master of the Friend zone,

“You’re a good girl, but I think it’s better we be just friends.”

If I’ve heard that once, I’ve heard that a dozen times, and would you look at that? Someone said it again. And sadly, that someone was you.

I thought you were different from the others. You were reassuring to the point where I thought this was going somewhere really good. You showed a lot of interest which lead me to believe you actually wanted us to have a shot.

But I guess you only wanted a friendship.

You say I’m “a good girl”, then why don’t you want me? Am I too good of a girl? Is it because I was devoted to you, took care of you whenever I could, made you a priority, or cared too much? Or was it because I refused to give you what you wanted?

Did you not like my playful sense of humor? Or were my dreams and aspirations too intimidating for you to handle because you didn’t have the same vision of success in mind? Maybe it was because I catered to your every need, pushing aside my own needs to please you.

Maybe you saw everything we had as a friendship. But I’m pretty sure casual friends don’t go on dates, get invited to family dinners, take cute photos at events, and spoil each other on any occasion possible. And friends don’t get intimate with each other.

After the way I treated you and how high of a pedestal I put you on, it was a slap in the face to be put in the friendzone. I considered myself someone important in your life, but I’ve come to realize how you truly felt. And if you want to be friends, I’ll be the best Facebook friend you’ll ever have. The only time you’ll hear from me is by a simple like on a post.

And when you send me a text in a few months asking how I am and how I’ve been, I’ll tell you exactly how I’ve been. I won’t forget to make you feel a little bit guilty, and drag the truth out of you. I want to hear how you know you messed up badly and how sorry you are. When you ask to catch up or say you’d like to give us another shot, I will be sure to laugh and politely decline.

If I wasn’t worth it then, why would I be worth it now? What’s changed over that time besides the realization that I could have been the best you ever had? I know loneliness is painful, and so is rejection. But how do you think I felt after you friend-zoned me?

Let’s be real with each other; you know you’re going to realize what you did. But it’s too late. Your opportunity is over, and you waited too long to come crawling back to me for me to even consider taking you back or hearing what you have to say.

I know I’m a good girl, just like you said I was, and now I know I’m far too good for you.

I know I’ll see you around sometime, and I’ll be sure to show you the good girl you’re missing.

Enjoy trying to find another one that will love you the way I did.


Your friend.

Featured image via on Pexels


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