The Haunting Season 3: What We Know So Far

What Will Happen in The Haunting Season 3?

Hill House, Bly Manor, Now What?

The Haunting of Hill House gained many fans who caught the show on Netflix back in 2018. It delivered a spooky story paired with grief, heartache and characters you grew close to they almost felt like real friends. We see a family with their fair share of drama and the house they grew up in which is creepy to say the least. A critic described it saying:

“…the work done on building up the characters, their relationships, and what’s at stake for them all has been phenomenal.”

It put phenomenal actors and actresses together such as Carla Gugino, Henry Thomas and Oliver Jackson-Cohen. Each episode opened up a few more secrets and left audiences hungry for more. The show’s first season would end up creating a loyal entourage of followers excited to see what else producers would bring to the table.

Next, creator Mike Flanagan brought The Haunting of Bly Manor. With a larger focus on two young children, this series was bound to pull at the heartstrings of those watching. Though the two seasons focus on different families, some cast members stayed on and portrayed new characters and several easter eggs were placed to pay homage to season one

Yet as a whole, Bly Manor is hypnotic. It holds you with a character’s sad gaze or induces a state of wonder with the surprisingly magical score from The Newton Brothers. A warm glow adds to the romance of the setting, but the magnificent manor itself makes a dripping tap sound like a gunshot.”

Now creators have been teasing the ideas season three will capture. From what we can gather, it is focused around a group of people (perhaps a family) on a desolate island. The images they’ve teased are dark, mysterious and build up a good tension to wonder what’s to come

One caption statesWe used to be a community of hundreds. Now we’re just dozens.”

This can lead speculation of mass suicide, homicide or disaster resulting in the deaths of many. Another mentions being thirty miles from the mainland with only two ferries a day. Something is keeping whoever will narrate this season on this barrier island. Where is it? Who is it? Are their connections to seasons one and two? Mike Flanagan has said that his seasons are not all tied in together (like American Horror Story) in the past. Maybe he’ll switch it up for season three and cultivate the seasons together.

Though we don’t have the release date or many details at the moment, the build of anticipation seems like it will be well worth the wait.

Which season was your favorite?

What do you think this season is about?

Let us know in the comments below.

Featured image via The Haunting of Bly Manor Netflix


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