Lady Gaga’s ‘Rain On Me’ Is The Dance Anthem You Need Right Now

After the stripped down persona on Joanne and cinematic success with A Star is Born, die-hard Gaga fans have craved the artsy, The Fame to Artpop era pop superstar. Although Stupid Love hinted at the return of the weird Gaga, Rain On Me definitely confirms it!

With Ariana Grande’s help, Gaga is setting a new tone for the pop culture… by bringing herself back.

Rain On Me is a dance monster that talks about each superstar’s traumatic tears. The song opens with simple guitar sounds as Gaga confronts her resentment. “I didn’t ask for a free ride / I only asked you to show me a real good time,” she chants. Then the song progressively reveals deep-house/disco layers and takes us back to The Fame Monster / Born This Way days.

Gaga doesn’t overshadow Grande in this powerful collaboration, though. Grande’s remarkable, howling voice echoes pleasantly in the second verse. “Gotta live my truth, not keep it bottled in / so I don’t lose my mind, baby.”

Gaga and Ariana then touch on living through their ups and downs with the chorus. “I’d rather be dry but at least I’m alive / rain on me.”

Previously, Lady Gaga told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe that the song “is also a metaphor for tears and alcohol I was taking to numb myself. I can either lash the hell out of myself every day for continuing to drink, or I can just be happy that I’m still alive and keep going and feel good enough.”

Personally, I think this song is quite a reminiscent of Katy Perry’s Walking on Air, but with a more badass vibe.

Obviously, social media is already popping with their thoughts, too:

Although some say that Rain On Me lacks total punch of Bad Romance, it’s still a striking pop encounter. It not only features two of the biggest names in music, but it’s also engaging in all the right ways. What’s more, it sounds totally Gaga — which is what’s really going to make this song top the charts.

Have you listened to Rain On Me yet? Tell us what you think!


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