5 Decorations That Will Take Your Bedroom To The Next Level

Design is a unique and personal thing. Decorating your bedroom is vital when expressing your personality and charm. It will help make it feel more like home and give you a safe space to call your own. When picking out your decorations, it may be hard to know where to start. Here is a list of five staple items that can help you make your room the most “you” it can be! 

1. Funky Lighting 

Of course, most rooms have a basic overhead light. The best way to make your bedroom stand out is to add some interesting light pieces that fit you. These could be string lights that twinkle, adding warmth to your room. It could also be led strips that give your room color and club vibes. You could also go for a statement lamp that sits next to your bed but is just there for aesthetics. There are strawberry lamps, fish lamps, anime lamps, and the list goes on.

Personally, the string lights, otherwise known as fairy lights, are a wonderful staple. Wherever I go, the moment I put up the fairy lights, it automatically feels like home. I could be 1000 miles away from my parent’s house, but the second I see the warm glow of lights in my dorm, I feel safe and reassured. 

2. Indie Artwork 

Artwork in a bedroom seems like a no-brainer. But it’s essential to realize that it’s best to get your art from an indie artist if uniqueness is what you want. If you buy a piece from a department store, then it may be nice, but hundreds of people will also have that same art hanging in their house. 

Check out Etsy and other sites for indie art that fits your vibe. You can also find art in local craft fairs. This can also be an excellent way to foster a relationship with local artists, leading you to commission pieces from them in the future. 


3. Standout Comforter 

Beds are the focal point of most bedrooms. I mean, it’s even in the name. However, many times we become so focused on the bed’s comfort level or color of the sheets that we forget to consider just how much the comforter can shape the look of a room. 

It’s important to pick a comforter that matches your room’s vibe and helps accent it further. Some people choose a more cottagecore aesthetic by having a nice, flowery comforter, whereas some go for a more modern theme with checkers or abstract shapes. You just have to find what vibe you’re into and search for a comforter that will help you express that. 

4. Fluffy Rug 

Even if you have a carpet, a fluffy rug will make your bedroom look more sophisticated and put together instantly. A fluffy white rug can make your room look cute and refined. On the other hand, a fluffy rug with a cow pattern can make your room have an air of natural whimsiness. 

This quality makes the rug much more of a statement piece, and it will add luxury to your room. Remember: while patterns are important in design, so is texture.

5. Clothing Rack

This may seem to be an odd thing to include in your room’s design, but bringing out your favorite and season-appropriate attire into your room can give it that extra “you” factor. A clothing rack can be made out of materials that also bring out the theming of your room. Some people opt for copper piping and some go for wood as the base material for their racks. 

The rack itself shows off who you are, and the clothes that you select to display show who you are. You can alter between the clothes you display throughout the year. It’s a perfect way to fully tie in who you are with your bedroom’s aesthetic. 

When putting together your room, it’s important to make sure it represents who you are. It’s always be inspired by others. This will not make your room unoriginal but will help you to further customize your room and make it unique! 

Featured image via Tessa Wilson on Unsplash


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