7 Easy DIY String Lights That’ll Give Your House All The Vibes

String lights are for more than just holidays and weddings, and now (thanks to Pinterest), even an uncrafty gal like myself can get in on this fad! Here’s a diverse list of the easiest, most appealing DIY string lights from Pinterest.

Hit up the Dollar Store or Target, and get your ambiance on!

Toilet Paper Roll Polka Dots

This straightforward idea was one of my faves that I stumbled upon. They’re adorable, cheap, and most importantly, super easy. Even the most inept person (like moi) can craft this string of cuties to add little pops of joy to their patio, their room or even their bathroom!

Cute Pineapple Lights

I spend springtime dreaming of late sunsets and endless summer fruits. These sweet lights combine the two. When dusk falls, switch on these tiny pineapples, and blend a summer atmosphere into your evening.

Patriotic Yarn String Lights

You can make these simple yarn string lights with any color combination and for all types of celebrations! In light of the upcoming Independence Day, here are the directions for the Red, White, and Blue!

Paper Lantern Lights

These paper lantern lights are almost so darling that I doubt my ability to replicate them!

However, that will not stop me from trying.

Currently, I am redoing my patio and plan on printing out this pattern and giving the garland a go!

Floral Lights Garland

At first glance, I thought that this pretty floral garland was too lovely to be DIY. But, after further investigation, I am confident in my ability to duplicate this garland! The best thing about this project? It can be done with any silk flower, so the decor possibilities are endless! You can light up leis for a summer pool party, add petite flowers to generate a delicate aura in your bedroom, or bring bright colors to your current workspace!

Grapevine Ball String Lights

This set of DIY string lights is almost too easy to be called DIY; honestly, you don’t do much at all! With the right Dollar Store finds, you can effortlessly produce a string of soft-glow lights. (Bonus: I now know what grapevine balls are! #adulting)

Pixie Dust Lights

Anyone can fashion these feminine lights to add a soft ambiance to any occasion or room. I personally think they would be perfect for a bedroom or evening cocktail party to add a simple layer of classiness.

Now, off to the Dollar Tree to find grapevine balls and silk Marigolds!

Here’s to making our summers glow a little longer!

Featured image via Pietra Schwarzler on Unsplash


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