7 Types Of People You Encounter When Out At A Bar

With COVID-19 cases dropping, it’s officially time to head back to the bar! Even though it may have been a while since your last night out, you’ll still see all of the same types of people when you hit up the bars with your friends. Here are nine people you’ll see every time you go to the bar:.

1. The Friendly One


The “friendly one” is a social butterfly who could probably befriend a barstool if they tried hard enough. You’ll meet them when they come over to dance with you, but a minute later, you’ll see them across the room hugging a random stranger. Stranger danger doesn’t exist for this drunk! 

2. The Wasted One


They started a tab as soon as they arrived, and they always have two drinks on hand. There’s a good chance that the next time you see them, they’ll be passed out on the floor!

3. The Lightweight


The lightweight can barely walk after drinking just one margarita. You’ll see them tripping over their own two feet and accidentally bumping into people. Keep an eye on this one – they might knock themselves (or someone else) out! 

4. The Laugher


This person knows that when you’re drunk, everything’s funny. You’ll hear their laughter echoing through the bar all night long, but exactly what they think is so funny will always be the biggest mystery.

5. The Dancer


They claim that they “don’t dance,” but as long as the music is blasting, they’re shimmying their shoulders and swaying their hips. They’re most likely to be the center of attention on the dance floor! 

6. The Drink-Buyer


If you don’t have a drink in your hand, that won’t last long!. This person seems to have endless money to buy everyone drinks. When they smoothly hand you a drink, you’ll definitely wonder where they’re getting all this money from to buy the drinks, but who’d complain about free alcohol?  

7. The Mom Friend


Even if the “mom friend” drinks, they still look out for your whole group. Need someone to hold your drink or stop you from falling off a barstool? The “mom friend” is your person. 

8. The Forgetful One


They lost their phone three times, their wallet twice, and their keys at least once on their night out (even though they didn’t drive to the bar in the first place). 

9. The Sober One


The “sober one” is the angel of your friend group. They took one for the team and decided to be the designated driver, and we love them for it. Hopefully, they’ll remember this and still love us when we throw up in their car on the way home…

No matter what your bar personality is, here’s to lots of drunken summer nights! Have fun, stay safe, and worry about your hangover later! 

Photo by Drew Farwell on Unsplash


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