Why You Should Be Thankful For The Gemini In Your Life

We are officially in full-blown Gemini season. It’s crazy to think half of 2021 is over already. Personally, Gemini season is my favorite for multiple reasons. The biggest reason is that I, myself, am a Gemini. Secondly, this time of year brings us the first warmer days, so it’s time to hit the pools and get your tan on (responsibly, of course! Use sunscreen, my friends).

If you are lucky enough to have a Gemini you’re close with, cherish them. Since we are an air sign, we are feisty and sociable by nature. Geminis are known to juggle multiple hobbies, careers, and groups of friends. Due to their twin personality, they can juggle everything with ease. They have the best communication skills and easily blend into almost any group. 

The downside to knowing a Gemini, though, is that they like attention and gossip. There is also the “two-faced” personality that shows up occasionally. It’s not that they mean to be two-faced around you; it’s literally their second nature. It’s also kind of crappy that you never know which side you will get — the gossipy side or the side that gets gossiped about. 

While it can be challenging to be around a Gemini due to their two-faced personality, remember that they mean well. It’s just their way of blending into each group. Geminis communicate their needs to others very well and will keep things exciting for you. Boredom isn’t in their nature.

Gemini’s tend to be extremely intelligent and witty, making them exhilarating company. They are great at seeing the bigger picture, and this helps them become great leaders. 

While the Gemini in your life is definitely loveable, they are more likely to be compatible with a Leo or Aries. So if you are one of those signs, find your closest Gemini this season and show them some extra affection! The moon and stars are on your side!

Featured Image by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels


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