Is FabFitFun Worth The Hype? Here’s What You Need To Know


As someone who doesn’t enjoy shopping besides basic grocery stuff, I have always been bad at trying new products. The idea of breaking my routine makes me cringe. Store shelves can become overwhelming because of the number of products that are on them. They all seem to promise the same results, but they aren’t the same. My dilemma is this: I want to treat myself and try new products, but I don’t want to go to the store and get overwhelmed by the broad choice of products that I have never heard of or know nothing about. 

However, there’s a way to solve this problem.

Subscription boxes have become extremely popular recently. One of the most popular ones on social media has to be FabFitFun. These boxes feature multiple full-sized products — some of which you get to pick and choose — that arrive at your door every season. It seemed like the perfect solution to my dilemma. This subscription box allows me to try new products without leaving my house. Furthermore, you can adjust the frequency with which you receive your box. For me, it wasn’t a frequent treat. In fact, I only paid for one season at a time for a while. Then I finally caved and purchased an annual subscription. 

When I subscribed, I was so excited I didn’t stop checking the tracking until it arrived at my doorstep. I already knew what every product would be, thanks to watching dozens of FabFitFun unboxing videos on YouTube. They also sent me an email before sending out the package listing the items. Plus, when I opened the box, there was a list of every product, what it does, and information about the original company who created the items.  

And honestly? It was worth every penny. 

The price tag seems a bit high at first. However, the packaging was stunning, and I didn’t want to throw away the box (in fact, I think I still have a couple of boxes in my closet). I received a large variety of products; basically, everything you could imagine, including makeup products, an exercise ball, kettle, beach towel, blanket, socks, and so many more. The products are of high quality, and everything about the box is beautifully curated. I still use most of the products even after two years of having them (a winter poncho, mitts and headband, pillow spray, mug, and even more). They are just unmatched.

I highly recommend the FabFitFun box as a good “treat yourself” kind of deal. Many influencers provide a code that gives you a discount for your first box if you do your research. The value and quality of the products make the box definitely worth it. It gives you a chance to try new products without hitting a store (which is important during a panoramic), and you never know what deals you may catch! 

Feature Image by La Miko from Pexels.


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