You Have The Power To Change Your Story Every Day

You wake up every morning feeling deflated and unmotivated, as if the life has been drained from your body.

Each day is laden with unbearable pain, the weight of your dead-end job, the uncertainty over your future, the instability of your relationships. You feel stuck in this hackneyed chapter of your life, yearning to turn the page, unable to move forward amidst the heaviness that haunts you. But you have the power to change your story, to transform your monotonous jumble of words into a compelling tale of triumph.

You have the power to twist your plot.

You lie in stagnation, terrified of change, but suddenly, unexpectedly shifting the dynamic of your life is the key to your personal fulfillment. Believe that you have the power to quit the job you dread every morning, pack up and travel the world, or leave your overly controlling partner. No matter what prevents you from living wholeheartedly, you hold within you the powerful desire for personal transformation — and the ability to thrive as you begin your new life.

You have the power to reframe your narrative.

Your pain bears down on you, leaving you fearing that you are incapable of change as you internalize the belief that your life circumstances are far beyond your control. But even though you may not be able to garner the resources to implement every change you seek, you have the power to find gratitude in the mundane, accept what you cannot change, and approach every challenge with a willing heart. Though life seems to fervently mount against you, you have the fortitude to live every day with unrelenting joy and approach each moment with boundless optimism.

You have the power to turn the page.

Your sadness overwhelms you, leaving you feeling as though you are sinking deep below the surface, drowning in emotional anguish. But even through your tears, you have the power to move forward no matter how much you fear that you will remain stuck in the past. You have the power to relinquish your hurt and step into a bold new future, a life full of promise and hope.

You fear that your life lurks outside of your control, that a vast, unknown power holds the pen. But you are the guiding force behind your narrative. You have the power to take back the pen you long to hold and reframe the chapters that leave you feeling hopeless.

You have the power to change your story.

Previously published on Thought Catalog.

Featured Photo by Guillame Bolduc on Unsplash.


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