Calling K-Pop Fans: McDonald’s Is Partnering With BTS

BTS, a septet South Korean Grammy-nominated boy group, released their English comeback single “Butter” on May 21. After the release, “Butter” smashed records worldwide, both on YouTube and Spotify, as the biggest debut of all time. Along with releasing the record-breaking comeback single comes a storm of collaborations and endorsements for the group. McDonald’s initiated a partnership with BTS, launching their year-old program ‘celebrity meal’ that will feature new flavors and surprises 

Following the announcement in mid-April, McDonald’s dropped the list of countries where this limited-time signature order, “BTS Meal,” will go on sale. Starting in the United States, the meal has been available since May 26. As for South Korea, the band’s home country, BTS fans can purchase the meal from May 27. Next follow other 49 countries all around the globe.

Like other artists’ meals, such as J Balvin’s and Travis Scott’s, the BTS Meal includes existing menu items like the 10-piece Chicken McNuggets, medium Coke, and fries but with the addition of two new limited-time original dipping sauces picked by BTS and inspired by South Korean McDonald’s recipes: sweet chili (sweet and sour sauce with spicy touch) and cajun flavors (hot mustard with chili and peppers). 

The collaboration between BTS and McDonald’s doesn’t end with the launch of the signature order — it’s just getting started!

The BTS Meal is followed by releasing the members’ individual concept photos, revealed on the Who’s Who teaser. What’s more, the collaboration includes the collaboration with Saint for the crew’s T-shirt that McDonald’s employees will wear on the day of the official release. Aside from the BTS Meal commercial film reveal, the Lunch Party Series and the Behind the Sauce promotion both hint at the making of a commercial film, though the details are still unknown. 

This may be one of the biggest endorsements and brand collaborations the BTS had, but it brought everyone a sweet surprise. This may be overwhelming for ARMYs, but luckily, they can expect more from the partnership, starting with the signature meal to more upcoming surprises. Whatever it is, everyone (especially the ARMYs) won in this collaboration. Are you excited about this announcement? Let us know in the comments.

Featured Image via Wikimedia



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