ICYMI: The South Korean Boyband ‘BTS’ Is Taking The Internet By Storm

BTS, a South Korean boyband who is nominated for this year’s Billboard’s Top Social Artist award, released their new comeback trailer music video called “Singularity” which is the first track released from their upcoming album called Love Yourself: Tear. The album will be released on May 18th. After less than a day after its release, the music video for “Singularity” already started trending worldwide on Twitter and reached number #2 trending on YouTube. “Singularity” took the internet by storm with its sound, visuals, and lyrics that have captivated millions.

The song “Singularly” is a solo piece that is sung by vocalist V. The song itself has a very distinct sound from the previous album, Love Yourself: Her. The song itself has a much more mature tone. The simple jazz melody leads the listener to its interpretation of the song. It has a very an elegant and velvet quality that is complemented by V’s unique vocals.

The visuals of the music video are somber with a much more intimate atmosphere. In the music video, we see V enclosed in rooms that change with lyrics up to a point where we see him in a place full of flowers and water. V is also surrounded by dancers who are perfectly synchronized to the smooth melody. The choreographer of this music video, Keone Madrid, also choreographed Justin Bieber’s “Love Yourself” music video.

The lyrics of the song have a more profound meaning following the captivating visuals. The lyrics were written by the RM, the leader, and rapper of the group, as he later told fans. The words say to the listeners of wanting to return to a world of no longer being alone. But once the individual looks into their reflection reality sink in and they are left with only their loneliness.

Since it’s release “Singularity” has reached over 12 million views and over 2 million on YouTube. It broke the record for the fastest solo Korean artistic music video to surpass the 10 million likes. You can see how it’s captivating storytelling visuals, sound and lyrics are capturing hearts around the world.

Featured image via Bulletproof7bts / CC BY


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