Stop Measuring The Success Of Your Relationship By The Number Of Anniversaries

While it does take time for any type of relationship to bloom, it shouldn’t be the only factor that determines its overall longevity and success. In order to achieve a successful relationship, both partners should be equally committed and passionate in creating a strong bond. Sometimes it only takes a few moments to create that special bond and sometimes it takes months to years. 

Every relationship is different and there isn’t a single formula to make it work. 

The real strength within a relationship comes from the level of understanding the two individuals share. It is important to know that minimal levels of understanding between two individuals is what ultimately drives distress in a relationship. Apart from understanding each other, a couple should connect on an emotional level. 

Active communication is key to establishing a strong and potentially life-long relationship. 

If there isn’t any type of communication between two people, it becomes notoriously difficult to undergo the various ordeals life has to offer. When you communicate, you connect deeper on an emotional level. This is the crucial ingredient for a long-lasting relationship. 

According to an article published in the Proceedings of the Natural Academy of Sciences, it is most worthwhile to acknowledge how satisfied you feel with your partner and how much you appreciate what your partner does for you. In other words, appreciating the little things that we sometimes take for granted and actually acknowledging them is what determines the longevity of our relationship. 

In fact, the study sheds light on the idea that while choosing your partner, you should focus more on how complete you feel in their presence. At the end of the day, their qualities should not be given topmost priority, but rather the type of equation both partners share to bring out the best in themselves. 

Amidst all the chaos and fights, it is the compassionate form of love combined with levels of trust that couples share which helps keep the spice alive in their relationship. Actions tend to speak louder than words. And the overall actions  both partners perform is what drives the success of a relationship. The foundation of a relationship is strongly contingent upon both partners contributing equally. 

Speaking from experience, I have observed that some minor arguments actually increase the affection between two people. So there is no harm in having some minor arguments with your S.O. At the end of the day, it’s not their qualities, but how you work as a team that determines whether your relationship will thrive. 

Photo by Romane Van Troost on Unsplash


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