What Is Ecstatic Dance, And Why You Need To Try It

What is ecstatic dance? Why is it perfect — and even necessary — when breaking free from rigid movement?

Right now, we are sadly living in a time where most of us live an extremely immobile lifestyle. Many people work in office jobs that require limited to zero movements.

However, this goes totally against our bodies’ design. Humans should move, stretch, and walk.

Take a look at how our ancestors lived. They spent more time moving and keeping physically busy than we do now. They also didn’t have phones or technology to keep them sitting still.

So, the more we scroll on our devices or binge-watch the latest television shows, the more we restrict ourselves from dealing with those internal issues that we keep hidden inside.

We’re moving further away from what we, as humans, should be like!

Some people may feel like they do their best to incorporate some form of exercise in their lives so that they’re not stuck standing or sitting still.

However, further research shows that whilst taking part in exercise is good for your health, there are many benefits from free-flowing movement.

It encourages the building of a secure mind and body connection, which is vital in becoming healthier mentally, as well as physically.

An hour on the treadmill could still be considered limited movement when you compare it to an ecstatic dance class where movement is not restricted.

Free-flowing movement encourages exploration and exercise.

Dancers can explore jumping, sitting, rocking, rolling, crawling, and much more, which is undoubtedly much more demanding than repetitive movements in the gym.

A journalist for The Metro UK, Natalie Morris, explored different types of movement classes in a 2019 article:

“By exploring the different planes of movement, crawling, rolling, jumping, and crouching, we unlock the complexity and diversity of how our bodies can move. And the best thing about it is that it is entirely functional.

“The fluidity of moving across different levels with a mixture of explosive and controlled movements helps to improve balance and coordination, prevent injuries and release tension in the nervous system.”

Thus, Vinana is the perfect activity for all to take part in because it incorporates all of this. The more classes you attend, the more benefits you will notice, physically and emotionally.

A recent trend that has arisen in the UK is the adult use of child-related activities. For example, the introduction of “Bouncingham Castle,” which is an adult-only bouncing castle.

Manifest while you rest.

Amazing right?

This kind of activity takes us back to our childhood days where we remember life to be carefree, we didn’t think about how we moved, we just embraced all forms of movement, from rolling around in the grass to bouncing around in a big inflatable castle.

As we grow up, we see movement as a representation of childhood and subconsciously see sitting still or limited movement as a sign of maturity.

However, something we seem to be forgetting is that while we work hard as individuals, we should also dedicate some time to just let loose.

Taking time to be a free-flowing moving adult can make the working adult in you much more efficient!

Ecstatic dance is needed more now than ever.

It’s the perfect way to incorporate movement into your life, but it goes much deeper than this.

Vinana gives you a safe space to release the emotions that you have been holding on to so that you can heal anything still present from your past, or simply love yourself more.

You can become the best version of yourself with no pressure or expectations from those around you.

The secret to transformation is movement mediation.

Society now forces us to be something we are not, but Vinana and ecstatic dance do the opposite.

So be exactly who you are — the beautiful you that just wants to be happy and healthy.

Originally Published on YourTango

Photo by Aditya Ali on Unsplash


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