8 Spring Nail Trends You Will Definitely Want To Try

Springtime is right around the corner, and that means it’s time to get creative with your next manicure! From geometric color blocking to pastels to fresh florals, there are so many different ways to put your best hand forward this season. 

Whether you like a natural look or take a more bold and playful approach with your nails, there’s something for everyone this season. Therefore, we’ve rounded up eight of the very best nail trends that you should know about this Spring:

1. Glitter Swoops

We’re obsessed with this first viral trend! Nothing says springtime and gets us ready to celebrate a new season like a fresh coat of glittery swoops and swirls. This design is girly, flirty, and you can make this look even more eye-catching by adding a holographic top coat or a colorful base beneath. 

2. Head In The Clouds

The cloud nail trend has been in the works for some time now. It’s a much needed upgrade from the beloved ombre and marble designs, but this version is much more ethereal and dreamlike, which makes it perfect for rocking this Spring! 

3. Rainbow French

This is a brand new spin on the French manicure that uses a range of different colors for the tips instead of classic white. Try out this trend by using bright and bold colors. Otherwise, whip out pastels as a way to breathe new life into the classic style.

4. Neon Edges

Here’s another updated version of the recent neon nail trend. This new spin rotates the neon polish from the top of the nail to the sides for an unexpected punch of color! 

5. Geometric Shapes

Get ready to turn heads with this season’s boldest new nail look! You can try this trend in two ways by either using similar shapes and colors for a more muted look or completely contrasting shades for a more dramatic tone. Whichever you choose, don’t be afraid to mix it up and try sharp lines and different shapes on each nail. 

6. Negative Space

If you aren’t getting to the nail salon as often as normal, a negative space design is the perfect choice for you because it’s low maintenance and the grow-out is much less noticeable as time goes on. This is also one of the easier looks to accomplish for an at-home manicure, and you can use any colors that suit you.

7. Rose Quartz

Healing crystals have burst onto the health and wellness scene. However, we’re now seeing crystal-themed designs making a splash in the nail game! The pink and white colors paired with the jagged stone-like lines are both beautiful and edgy, and we can’t wait to try out this up and coming springtime trend. 

8. Dainty Daisies

There’s one nail trend that will never go out of style, and it’s a classic nude manicure. We’re in love with these super subtle daisy details as a perfect option for wearing to the office or for anyone who wants to rock a more subdued design. 

These are all of our favorite designs this season, but the possibilities are endless! What is a new nail trend you’ve been dying to try this year? Let us know what designs you’re rocking in the comments below!

Photo by Evelyn Semenyuk on Unsplash



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