10 Winter Trends That Are Sticking Around For Spring & Summer

This winter, we saw some unforgettable fashion moments on and off the runway. Luckily, many of those trends are carrying over into the upcoming seasons. Right now is the perfect time to experiment with your personal style and with some new trends you haven’t tried before. Don’t worry; looking fashion-forward doesn’t have to break the bank. You can find all these fantastic styles at a variety of retailers and in all price ranges. 

From cutouts to cozy sets, these winter trends are here to stay. Here are the top ten trends to keep in your closet for your spring and summer looks:

Ultra Bold Colors

Last month, Pantone named Illuminating — a bright yellow — as one of the two 2021 Colors of the Year. Vivid yellow-hued bags were spotted worldwide from Paris to Milan during this year’s SS21 Fashion Weeks. We’ve also been seeing bold reds, vibrant oranges, and sunset pinks leaving their mark this season. Whatever your favorite color to wear is, make sure it’s bright and bold! Don’t be afraid to mix and match these statement colors for that extra wow factor.

Second Skin Tops

The second-skin style trend exploded onto the fashion scene this winter, and it’s sticking around well into the new year. It’s a much-needed update of the bodysuit, and you can find them in all different styles from tank tops to turtlenecks. 


Lately, we’ve all been wearing a lot of casual clothing. So, to transition out of all-day loungewear, use knitwear. From oversized to body-hugging, there are endless possibilities for knits and how to keep them in rotation long after the winter months.

The Bold Sleeve

The bold shoulder was a huge statement this winter, so it’s not surprising that it’s all about the bold sleeve during this spring and summer! It’s a fresh take on a beloved 80’s trend that can be worn in so many ways. You can easily snag this look on sites like Revolve and Express right now. 


Earlier this year, Former First Lady Michelle Obama showed up on Inauguration Day in a head-to-toe plum-colored ensemble, solidifying our hopes that the monochrome trend would be here to stay. (Pro tip: Try a bold-colored monochromatic look to knock out two trends at once!)

Relaxed Denim

Boyfriend-style denim is a perfect choice when you’re finally ready to slip out of those sweatpants. Designers like Victoria Beckham and Christian Dior show oversized denim all over the runway this season, and this trend will keep you comfortable and fashion-forward. (Pro tip: Pair your favorite relaxed denim with a second-skin top for an outfit that is both edgy and effortless.)

Oversized Button Downs

If your button-down isn’t at least three sizes too big, you’re doing it wrong! Outrageously oversized button-downs are going strong, and the longer and broader, the better. It’s a fresh twist on a classic staple piece you probably already have hanging in your closet. 

Cozy Sets

Cozy matching sets are the loungewear you should be bringing with you into the springtime. Ditch the tie-dye for pastels and sweatpants for more plush fabrics.


From leather to lace, a bralette is a foolproof way to get ready for the warmer months ahead. Layer it under a blazer, pair it with matching pants, or rock it as a standalone look this season. There are endless options for making this trend work with your personal style and current wardrobe. 


One of the biggest trends we saw this winter was cutouts, and they’re sticking around this spring and summer. Nyon has referred to cutouts as spring’s best Instagram-worthy trend. We can already see beautiful geometric necklines and asymmetrical side cutouts from designers like Chloé and Brandon Maxwell. 

What are your favorite winter trends that you’re rockin’ into the next season? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo by Mike Von on Unsplash



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