10 Coffee Recipes That Are Way Better Than Starbucks

Coffee — the thing we first hated but grew to love it. It’s the drink that proved us wrong and the lover that keeps coming back. No matter what day it is, we always grab a cup of this hot, aromatic beverage. But at the same time, we want to call it quits: The relationship we have with coffee can be a dangerous one, especially if we look at our bank statements.

Nevertheless, there are some ways to save cash on purchasing coffee. Here are 10 recipes that are way better than Starbucks: 

1. Dalgona Coffee

Before you say anything, hold on. I don’t mean to jump on the bandwagon of the trendiest coffee on Tik Tok. However, there are many reasons that some recipes become trends. And for Dalgona coffee, that reason is the puffy texture as well as the straightforward making process. All you need to do is mix two spoons of instant coffee with two scoops of sugar and two spoons of water. Then, whisk together until the texture changes. Serve with milk and ice. 

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2. Cold brew coffee

This recipe does require some patience, but it’s worth it. First, you have to pour cold water into a large jug with coffee grounds. After that, you can’t touch the beverage for 24 hours. After that time passes, make sure to stir the mixture and wait for another two days. Who says that making the drink doesn’t test your patience? 

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3. Coffee and cream cocktail

If you’re looking to treat yourself to an evening drink, you can whip up this cocktail in less than a minute. To make this coffee, you’ll need some Tia Maria, double cream, and cocoa. First, pour the Tia Maria in the glass, then add the cream and top it off with some delicious, velvety cocoa for an extra blast. 

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4. Affogato

This beverage looks complicated, but in reality, it’s simple to make. Take your delicious cold brew out of the fridge and set it on the side. Scoop some ice cream and place it into a mason jar. Once you’re content with the portions, pour the coffee over the ice cream, and top it with some chocolate sauce (can be homemade or store-bought). 

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5. Whipped Hot Chocolate Coffee

Want the best of both worlds? If so, the next step is to make a drink combining hot chocolate and coffee. I admit, it may sound off at first, but there are only two steps to making this beverage. After you prepare the hot chocolate mixed with cream, combine (with sweetener) and top with whipped cream. How easy is that? 

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6. Coffee Banana Smoothie

I’m sure you’ve never imagined coffee and smoothie coming together. For this recipe, you’ll need a banana, yogurt, and coffee . . To shake it up a notch, you can add honey and spices along with seeds (depending on allergies). Bonus: The different ingredients are filled with protein, fiber, and caffeine. 

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7. Honey Coffee 

The flavor sounds bittersweet, but don’t judge a book by its cover. You’ll need to sprinkle some spices and vanilla extract while adding milk to the mix. The Spanish latte inspires this recipe, and it’s sweeter than you might expect. 

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8. Coco Loco

If you’re feeling loco or loca for cocoa, you may need to try out this recipe. And if you’re after a gluten-free diet, you’re in the right place. All you need is coconut milk, coffee, and two bananas. Then you’re ready to join in the fun. 

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9. Mint Chocolate Coffee

Getting tired of peppermint mocha but still a fan of the minty flavor? Well, you can make your own version at home! Grab some unsweetened cashew milk, unsweetened cocoa powder, vanilla creme stevia, and peppermint extract and pour all ingredients into a small pot. Sounds bizarre? Well, you’ll love the results. 

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10. Chilled Nutella Coffee

Have a jar with Nutella to spare? If you’re a coffee fan as well, you can mix both to make an alternative to your favorite drink. And if you’re feeling extra, you can pop some vanilla ice cream on top. 

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Are you ready to spend the next couple of days making coffee at home? I hope you are since you’re well-equipped with super delicious recipes. Now, you don’t need to go to your local Starbucks or hire a barista anymore. You’ve learned it all on your own! Enjoy!

Photo by Fahmi Fakhrudin on Unsplash


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