10 Motivational Songs That Will Help You Deal With College Graduation

Remember the first day you set foot on your college campus? I’m sure many of your classmates can agree that moving in felt foreign. But when you get into the grind, the years of partying and studying flow by quicker than ever… Now, you feel more confused as you are swamped with work, job applications, and questions bombarding the future. Stepping foot on that stage — virtual or not — is a mission.

But don’t be scared, you can get through it. Here are 10 songs that will speak to your heart and ears as you trudge on the road towards getting that diploma:

1. You’re Worth It – Cimorelli 

I remember the day when my friend introduced me to this song. I felt lonely and despised the progress I made, but after I heard You’re Worth It, I started to play the song on repeat. What’s more, this song is not just for me, but for others who are experiencing devastation. You’ll make it and come out stronger than you think — and this song will remind you of that. 

2. All In This Together – High School Musical

Yes, this song is perhaps the most “cliche” out of all tracks relating to graduation. But there’s a reason why it is: Everyone can blast it before turning a tassel. School is not all about assignments, but also about being “champions one and all.” 

3. Don’t Stop Believin’ – Journey

Add this song to your playlist and play it whenever you feel that your dreams are out of reach. After all, everything is achievable! No matter where you come from and what you studied, nothing is impossible. So, cry, dry off your tears, and “Don’t Stop Believin.” 

4. I Believe – Nikki Yanofsky 

Originally intended to be the theme song for the 2010 Winter Olympics (whew, time flies), I Believe has come a long way since. The song is perfect as a motivational tune when you’re lost amidst the pile of tests. You’ll for sure feel more confident after hearing the powerful vocals, instruments, and lyrics.

5. Cry On My Shoulder – Deutschland Sucht den Superstar

This song is perfect for every busy school week. When five group projects are due along with two exams, nothing is better than gathering your classmates together for a video chat. Even if it’s just talking, listening to music, or crying on each other’s shoulders, you can sing this song in unison to remind each other that you’ll always be there. 

6. Fight Song – Rachel Platten

Never-ending lasses and high expectations lead us to experience emotional ups and downs. After receiving feedback for an assignment, every college student questions their talents. However, graduating is all about fighting back and proving your abilities. Hence, Fight Song is a great track for students struggling with feelings of doubt. Hearing the words “I’ll play my fight song/And I don’t really care if nobody else believes” can motivate someone to continue giving their best. 

7. Chemicals React – Aly and AJ

If you’re a fan of pop-rock, you’ll remember Aly and AJ. Chemicals React gives each college student an energy boost before and after class. Friends can jam to the chorus together and be reminded of the feelings of nostalgia. 

8. Good Life – OneRepublic

Whenever you miss the days of commuting and traveling, you can think of this song. Moreover, Good Life also uplifts anyone through tough assignments. Just remember that after graduation, it will be “A good, good life.”  

9. Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

Unwritten describes the feeling of cramming an essay assignment, which is a very familiar scenario for most of us. When the professor assigns a topic, writing the paragraphs and doing research seems much harder than rocket science. But how can we get rid of that feeling and finish the assignment before the deadline? 

Easy: Adjust your earbuds, and “Release your inhibitions.” 

10. Who Says – Selena Gomez 

If you miss the Disney Channel Selena, now you can relive the moment. When you’re being judged, this song will remind you that you’re on your own path and you shouldn’t listen to what others say.

College is tough and midterms are tedious. But once you have the correct motivation to conquer your weaknesses, you can make it in no time. The last college semester is memorable as it is the last chance for you to prove your potential. And whenever you feel defeated, just remember, “Who says you don’t pass the test?”

Photo by Juan Ramos on Unsplash


    • If you put an honest effort into your job search, make the right connections, and carefully apply for jobs, it’s not out of reach to secure a job offer upon graduation. It’s up to you to make opportunities happen for yourself and set yourself up for a successful career after college.

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