Grab Your Cuddle Buddy Because It’s ‘National Cuddle Up Day’ Today

Picture this: It’s a cold, snowy winter day. Your heat is on, but it’s still too cold to get out of bed. All you want is to stay warm. But wouldn’t it be nice if you had someone to cuddle up with for warmth?

In honor of National Cuddle Up Day today, I should probably admit that the only thing I enjoy more than laying in bed all day while binge-watching Netflix is cuddling someone I love while binge-watching Netflix. 

But why cuddle?

It turns out that cuddling serves a variety of functions: relaxation, comfort, or a precursor to sexual activity. On the other hand, cuddling can be a strictly platonic way to take a nap or fall asleep. Regardless of when or with whom you cuddle, though, cuddling is a great form of self-care.

Cuddling is also one of the purest forms of intimacy around.

Having another person’s body on top of you, spooning you, or touching you allows you to let your walls down and trust others. Therefore, cuddling can also show your partner that you trust them and want to feel close to them. 

Sharing a bed with a cuddle buddy is easy, too.

We feel their heartbeat, their breath on our neck, and the shape of their body next to us. We’re also vulnerable enough to wake up next to our cuddle buddy, even though we’re crusty-eyed and drooling

Additionally, cuddling gives us the rare opportunity to have deep conversations that go far beyond sliding into each others’ DMs or Snapchatting silly pictures. Being so physically close with someone lets us express the feelings we don’t want to put into writing. Cuddling can help facilitate this open and honest conversation. Furthermore, when the person you’re sharing with is right next to you, they’re more likely to respond to you than to leave you on “read.”

In this day and age, it’s especially important to cuddle in order to grow closer with others and solidify your relationships. Cuddling can be both a great self-care tool to add to your arsenal, but also serve a much deeper purpose: connection. So today, invite your friend or significant other over for a cuddle sesh. Embrace cuddling in its purest form.

What’s your favorite place to cuddle? Let us know where you love to cuddle, and shout out your cuddle buddy on social media!

Featured Photo via Pexels


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