It’s National Have Fun At Work Day, 12 Ways You Can Celebrate

We have all had days where we didn’t want to go to work or have all held a job that was tiring to just think about. There are small ways to incorporate fun in the workplace that can make things survivable. The working world looks differently now that many of us are working remotely. These fun tips for the workplace can be done either remotely or in a typical work environment.

1. Have theme days

I am a supervisor at a hotel and I have a theme of the day that I send to the team to keep them motivated and engaged. You can cater these to skills related to your field. I do Motivational Monday, Teach Me Tuesday (brushing the team up on a job skill how-to), Whacky Wednesday (sending a funny, work appropriate joke), Trivia Thursday (send out a fun trivia question and the first correct answer gets a small prize. I have used candy bars and $2 scratch off tickets), Fun Fact Friday to share fun facts related to your company or the local area, Shout out Saturday to recognize a team member for a recent praise worthy action and Super Sunday sending a wellness tip for everyone to try! The team really likes these and I have seen them grow closer as a result.

2.  Create Motivational Vision Boards

If you work in an office, create a vision board where the team can keep goals and motivational information right in plain sight! 

3. Organize a Cook Off: 

Organize a baking contest or chili cook off. Obviously with COVID world, things should be wrapped in individual servings if possible.

4. Arrange chair massages if possible. 

Contact a local massage therapist and see if they have some therapists who would be willing to come to the office and provide employees with neck, back, and upper shoulder massages. For COVID times, where social distancing protocols need to be followed, instead, look into the idea of purchasing a massage pad for the office to use. 

5. Have a fun dress up day. 

Have fun and dress up! Try something even as simple as funky socks or go to the broader extreme and do pajamas or Hawaiian shirts.

6. Make/send cards to a local nursing home or hospital staff. 

There is fun in giving back and all coming together for a cause.

7. Host a NERF war.  

Purchase a few NERF guns from a local store and allow employees to have fun chasing one another and firing off some NERF bullets.

If you’re working remotely try these ideas,

8. Encourage employees to take breaks.

 Suggestions could be to listen to their favorite song, cut out time for leisure reading or doing a short guided meditation

9. Pet Photo Share

Who doesn’t love looking at other happy pets? 

10. Thank you note swap

 Encourage employees to send thank you notes or just something cheery to one another.

11. Host a virtual coffee hour or happy hour 

Have everyone swap a cocktail recipe or even make one on a zoom call that everyone    

can try at home. Arrange a local musician to play some music while mingling with co-workers via Zoom

12. Treat an employee to take-out from a local restaurant with great reviews.

Find out a day when an employee will be home and ask what their favorite type of cuisine is. Look up local reviews and order a delivery or take-out for them. It surprises them and helps a local business.

Right now in times of uncertainty and chaos, it is helpful to be surrounded by people who support you and make things fun. Although work is work, there are still things we can do to make it a joyful experience. Right now is time to find happiness wherever we can.

Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe on Unsplash


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