7 Sex Positions Any Couple Can Use To Create Magic In The Bedroom

Sex is one of the best ways to express your passionate love for your significant other. But what if you’re tired, in pain, or have a condition that affects your sex life? Here are seven gentle sex positions anyone can use anytime to create some magic in the bedroom:

1. Modified Doggy Style

Modified doggy style is the best way to get it on if you’re tired, in pain, or have tender limbs after a workout. It’s the simplest way to make love pain-free, but it will definitely get your partner going! Your passion and confidence in the bedroom are sure to overpower your fatigue and blow your significant other away!

2. Time Bomb

If you’re feeling like getting freaky but battle back pain or easily encounter leg fatigue, give this classic chair position a try! Men love this position because the woman controls the action, and women love it because it allows them to move at a speed that feels most comfortable for them. The best part? Since you’re still facing each other, you can still enjoy passionate kisses and cuddles while getting it on!

3. Up And Down 

If you have a reclining bed, the up and down position is your best bet for gentle sex. All you have to do is adjust the bed (you guessed it) up and down and up and down and… you get the picture. You can also spice up your up and down with a sex swing if your body’s feeling fragile, but you still want to get it on.

4. Spooning

If you need a position that puts minimal strain on your legs, this is the position for you. Like doggy style, this position works with rear entry, but both parties get to enjoy lying down while making love. Spooning can be an ideal position for newbies, but more adventurous veteran couples can easily implement one of the modified spooning positions.

5. Masturbating in the Shower 

If you’re nursing an injury, but you’re also feeling frisky, masturbating in hot water is one of the best ways to satisfy your urges. Turn on the shower, soak in the hot water, and get to it with your partner!  Masturbating is a great way to relieve your stress and fatigue, too, so it’s the best of both worlds!

6. Horizontal Oral Sex 

If you’re exhausted after a long day at work, you don’t need to have your oral sex standing up. You don’t need to move or worry about the strain your work put on your body. Just lay down, relax, and enjoy making love in complete comfort! And, for those who struggle to keep their legs spread, try oral sex while lying on your side.

7. Modified Missionary

If one partner is more able-bodied than the other, a modified missionary position is a great way to spice things up! While one partner comfortably lies on their back, the other partner stands at the edge of the bed. This position allows for the lying partner to utilize pillows to comfortably place their body, and it doesn’t require excessive bending or movement.

Whether you’re fatigued after a long day, in pain after a long run, or exhausted from a health condition, there are so many ways to have a spicy sex life. Try out these gentle sex positions today and impress your partner with your moves in bed!

Feature Image by Erik Lucatero on Unsplash


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