Need A Change? 4 Things That Happen When You Start Being Physically Active

This last year has been a mess. We’ve all experienced loss. Some of us had to adjust to working from home, or might have had to deal with losing our jobs. all together.,We’ve been isolated and anxious for the majority of the year. As 2021 has rolled in, we’re hoping for a clean slate, a fresh start to make all the 2020 challenges worth it. Alas, there’s no silver bullet, no perfect closure. This year will surely be as filled with hard times as last year’s,  but we can try to make the best out of it. Science has shown that sometimes the simplest of actions that are within our grasp can make the greatest difference of all. Being more active can be a start to this.  

To help you understand the emotional angle to physical activity, here are a few perks that can occur when you’re more active, check them out below! 

1. Hormones elevate your mood

Happy hormones are responsible for the majority of our feelings. Regular physical activity is vital for your happy hormones and helps increase them. When you’re active regularly, your body produces more serotonin, dopamine, and endorphins. If you train hard enough, you’ll even experience an adrenaline rush, too!

2. One healthy habit inspires more

Nutrition is vital for your physical wellbeing and overall health. However it can be  tough to break old habits – unless you have the right foundation,m to begin with. Try coming up with healthier habits to replace the unhealthy ones.  . Need a place to start?   Creating your own workout routine is the perfect way to start slowly adapting your lifestyle, and making an effort here will help you make an effort in other aspects of your life.

You’ll find yourself searching for premium isolate protein to add to your post-workout shake, because you know you need protein to build lean muscle, burn fat, and boost energy. Adding more protein to your meals will help you reduce sugar cravings and restructure your diet altogether. You’ll also find yourself investing in the latest gym wear, because putting on a pair of leggings and a tank top makes you feel like a superhero, and it sets the stage for improving your life one habit at a time. 

3. Boosting confidence and self-esteem

Working on myself on the yoga mat and in the weight room at the gym has helped me feel majestic, marvelous, and just downright splendid.  You won’t only look great, but you’ll feel great too! Who knows? It might give you the confidence to break out LBD that’s been sitting in your closet! 4. Reducing stress, anxiety, and depression

Exercise is stress, and that is precisely why it helps your mind and your body become better at coping with other sources of stress and anxiety. When you train, you actively abandon your comfort zone and you constantly need to work on becoming stronger and more resilient. 

Putting your body in that kind of stress is, in fact, wonderful for your mental and emotional health. It stabilizes your hormones, helps burn fat, improves your sleep,and helps you build other healthy habits that can  tackle even more severe issues such as depression.

4. Improving your social life

Exercise can seem like a chore at times but it doesn’t have to be. When exercising, you  don’t have to stick to a strict gym routine. Try changing up your routine by taking online yoga classes or cycling in the park with your friends.  This also gives you  a chance to socialize and meet new people.  You can connect with others while working on yourself.

Some might feel the need to start working out purely to get rid of the added holiday pounds. Others might start and abandon their fitness goals haphazardly. Knowing what working out does to your mind and soul could be the missing piece of the motivation puzzle that will help you keep going. It’s great to have a goal but also remember exercise is all about feeling good in your own skin and giving yourself the means to stay resilient, confident, and stable. Keep working and you’ll get to your goal!

Featured Photo by Anastase Maragos on Unsplash


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