How You Can Help Families Affected By The California Wildfires


California is in the middle of a wildfire season unlike any other, and the peak of the California wildfires season doesn’t typically end until November. According to Governor Gavin Newsom, California is “experiencing fires the likes of which we haven’t seen in many, many years,” which presents “a resource challenge where [the state is] stretched in ways we haven’t seen in many, many years.”  

With more than half a million acres burning (an 11% increase from 2019), Califormia’s wildfires have forced thousands of people to evacuate their homes and flee to shelters as hundreds of fires burned through several counties. While these ruinous wildfires make us all feel powerless, there are ways that you can lend your fellow Americans a helping hand in this time of need. In fact, you can donate to these relief organizations, all of which accept cash, online donations, and gift cards. 

American Red Cross

This organization helps provide housing for residents who are affected by the fires. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the American Red Cross is spending money on hotel and motel rooms instead of placing people in shelters.  If you’re interested in helping this cause, you can donate here.  

California Wildfire Association

This organization provides emotional and financial support to families of fallen firefighters, current firefighters, and the communities that California’s firefighters serve. You can find out how to help here.

The Big Basin Redwood Recovery Fund

This charity is rebuilding Big Basin Redwoods State Park. You can donate here

The GlobalGiving – California Wildfire

This fund provides support to affected firefighters and food, water, and medical supplies to those in need. You can donate here

World Central Kitchen

Chef Jose’ Andres’ kitchen is feeding firefighters and evacuees. You can help this effort by donating here

Wildfire Relief Fund

This fund supports immediate and long-term recovery from major California wildfires. You can donate here.

Linda Blair Worldheart Foundation

This organization helps dogs who the wildfires displaced. Animal lovers can donate here


This humanitarian aid organization is in contact with emergency response agencies throughout California. It’s committed to “improving the health or life of those affected by poverty or emergencies — without regard to politics, religion, or the ability to pay.” You can support their cause here

Food Bank for Monterey County

This food bank’s website is accepting cash donations here

Communities hit hard by the California wildfires face a long rebuilding process. If we work together, though, we can help California wildfire victims recover and rebuild their lives.

Feature Image via Pexels


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