11 Questions To Ask Yourself If You’re Considering Changing Your Major

Have you ever logged on to an online class and noticed that your passion for what you thought was your favorite course is decreasing? If so, it may be the perfect time to change your program and try something new. But what if you’re unsure? Some days, you might feel like you’re learning something new, but other times, you aren’t sure why you picked the program. Choosing the right major is difficult since there are so many options. 

Regardless of how employable and appealing the program is, it’s best to be sure that you’re passionate about what you’re studying. If you’re feeling stuck, take the quiz below to see if maybe it’s time for a change. Indeed, it is a big decision, but it’s better to stay happy than sad. If you’re questioning your major, ask yourself these 11 questions below to see if it’s time to change.


1) How do you feel when you log into your class in the morning?

a) I really don’t want to go.
b) Tired.
c) Whatever.
d) Tired. I love this class.

2) What do you do during class? 

a) Play on my phone.
b) Listen to the lecture and daydream.
c) Talk to my friends (in secret).
d) Participate and answer questions.

3) Why did you choose your current program? 

a) I was persuaded by my parents.
b) The program is employable and in-demand.
c) The program is easy.
d) I am passionate about what I’m studying.

4) Do you feel like you’re learning anything? 

a) Heck, no!
b) Maybe.
c) Sometimes I do but only if I study.
d) Yes.

5) How do you feel about your main classes? 

a) They are boring.
b) At least I’m getting a good education.
c) Some of them are unnecessary.
d) They’re very interesting. 

6) How often do you find yourself scrolling through other programs offered?

a) Every day.
b) Once a week.
c) Every month.
d) Never, perhaps only every semester to see my completed credits.

7) How do you feel about your GPA?

a) Devastated.
b) I’m okay with it, I just need to work harder.
c) It’s getting better over time…
d) I’m happy about it! 

8) Are you more interested in the electives than the required courses?

a) Of course, I love the electives I took.
b) I don’t see much of a difference.
c) They’re a good way to boost my marks.
d) No, some of them are so boring. 

9) Do you plan to pursue another career unrelated to your program?

a) Yes, I would love to!
b) I’m not sure what will happen, but I’m okay with whatever option.
c) NO! I want to stick to a career related to my program.

10) What do you love the most about your program?

a) I hate everything.
b) The people.
c) The campus environment. 
d) The coursework. 

11) What are you worried about after graduation? 

a) Landing a job I hate.
b) Being unsure of the job market.
c) Worried about not seeing my friends.
d) I’m not worried. I’m determined to work in the field I studied. 


If the person mainly answers a), they should switch their major.

Description of the result: Switch your major ASAP and try something else! You won’t regret it and perhaps you’ll even be surprised to discover your other talents. Don’t stay miserable.

If the respondent mainly answers the last option, they should not switch their major and enjoy four years of college. 

Description of the result: You don’t need to switch your major. Enjoy becoming the next professional in the office, or the hospital and impress everyone with your passions, interests, and knowledge.

If the person mainly answers b), they need to stick it out.

Description of the result: You may feel iffy about your program, but you should definitely stick it out. As of right now, it may land you in the right direction. The future is tough, but you’re on the right path to finding your calling. 

If the person mainly answers c) and 9b), they need to pay more attention to class. 

Description of the result: Study a bit more! It’s hard to see if you’re passionate about what you’re studying while school is stressful. But try to engage yourself more with the material to see what you like. 

Featured image via Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels


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