4 Reasons To Get Beauty Services From Beauty School Students


Disclaimer: Some beauty schools may currently limit hair and nail services. If this is the case in your area, make sure to research the booking protocols beforehand and follow any regulations. Abide by all health and safety measures, and only visit a salon if your area deems it safe. If you go to a salon, remember to wear a mask, wash your hands frequently, and safely enjoy the beauty services. 

We all feel the need to dye our hair or paint our nails, especially in stressful times. However, finding the right hair stylist or nail technician is a tedious process. Pampering ourselves frequently can also put an additional strain on our finances and our time. But choosing a beauty school to do your hair or nails can alleviate many of these concerns. Here are four reasons why: 

1. Beauty school students’ services are more affordable than salons.

Imagine finding a stylist to cut or dye your hair every single month. Although you may feel comfortable flaunting your new hair color, you’ll also realize that the appointment costs accumulate over time. But if you want a more affordable option, beauty schools offer similar services for cheaper prices. If you choose to use a beauty school student’s services, you can potentially save as much as 40-50%. Also, keep in mind that some beauty schools provide additional bundle discounts for their services. For example, if you choose to book a hair appointment, you might also get a nail appointment for half of its original price.

2. Professionals still supervise beauty school students.

Some may say that choosing a haircut service with a cheaper price may compromise the cut’s quality. However, because beauty school students are still training to become professionals in their fields, a teacher with industry experience watches them as they style. Therefore, the teachers often offer guidance during the procedures, which can still get you your perfect ‘do or dye job. 

3. One of the students may become your go-to hair stylist or nail artist.

Finding hair stylists or nail artists is challenging because there are usually hundreds of salons in every neighborhood. However, when you interact with beauty students and see their skills in action, you can easily find a go-to hair stylist or nail artist. In fact, making connections with beauty school students is easier than finding available beauty professionals. And if you ask for the same student again, they’ll love you forever because you appreciate their hard work! 

4. You can try more creative styles. 

Beauty schools always stress the importance of staying on-trend and expressing creativity. Therefore, you may be able to request a hairstyle or nail design that your local salon doesn’t offer. Since students have lots of creative ideas and are willing to try out trendy products, they’ll happily listen to preferences or even pleasantly surprise you with something that’s completely new to you. 

Although getting your hair or nails done at a beauty school may not be your first choice, it has plenty of amazing benefits. The results will pleasantly surprise you, and you’ll enjoy the bustling (but still professional) environment. And who knows – you may even meet the next Chris Appleton or Jenny Bui!

Featured Photo by Filip Bunkins on Unsplash.


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