To My Significant Other During The Holidays, Thank You

Earlier this year, I was in a rough spot. I was surrounded by betrayal, lies, and complete disrespect. I honestly didn’t know if I could ever trust someone of the opposite sex ever again. But then, you came. My best friend became my partner in crime, my better half, and one of the many reasons I have to smile. You have comforted me, made me laugh, given me the perfect amount of love and affection. You have shown me what it truly feels like to be appreciated and cared for. 

As of right now, the holidays are fast approaching and this crazy, unpredictable year will soon be a memory. With that being said, there are some gifts that you can’t touch, but you have to feel instead. Those kinds of gifts that you never knew you needed. As you expected, my love, you are that gift. No tags or wrapping needed, and I thank you for that. 

I love your unfiltered, true self, and I’m absolutely honored that you’ve let me take a little bit of real estate in that kind and giving heart of yours. 

When we started our journey, we had a lot to work towards and I know that we still do. However, that doesn’t bother me. To be honest, there’s no one else I’d rather learn, grow, and explore with than you. You have unlocked so many parts of me that I haven’t seen in a while and struggled with showing. Having you in my life is like a key to a vault that hasn’t been unearthed in decades, and we’re finding these parts of ourselves together, showing more love and compassion than ever before. 

Distance does play a major role in our story, even during the holidays — it can make us tear our hair out at times. However, I’m certain that when things return to normal, we will be the best gifts that we could have ever given each other. I smile knowing that I can enter this holiday season with you by my side and that I can constantly reiterate that you are the best gift I’ve ever gotten.

All my love,

Your Love

Featured image via freestocks-photos on Pixabay


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