Don’t Wait, Just Go: Why Traveling Should Be Your Next Move

Chills. Gasps. Glued eyes. Wide smile. Fast heartbeat. Sighs. These are all emotional effects that I get by doing the research on my next travel adventure. This is for all those adventurous people who can’t escape the true reality behind stepping onto that airplane. For those, who are always looking to explore more opportunities. For the people whose hearts skip a beat when they click that approve button while booking their next flight.

Travelling- I swear I’m high just by writing the word. Travelling provides such an emotional connection to yourself, the world, and those around you, one that you cannot resist once you get that first little taste. It’s an addiction, one that your mind will do circles around trying to explain why you’re addicted to those who have never had a taste. You’re an addict, one that doesn’t need a help group.

Travelling is such an high that will open your eyes, your heart and your mind. Depending on where you travel, you may learn another approach to your awesome life, I know I did.

My first experience was to a Jamaica beach resort for a family wedding when I was 13. I know, I am a really lucky girl. Although we did not venture off the resort, I learned all about the workers lives and what I saw on the streets (from my bus). With seeing all that I did, I learned to appreciate so much more of what I had, to be more thankful. 

My second experience was to The Dominican when I was 15. This experience was drastically different than my other destination vacation because I experienced more and was able to see the difference in people’s cultures all over the world. People from the United States, London, Peru, Australia, and of course, the mannerisms of each country. The largest learning experience I took from this vacation was to be appreciative of who I am, and to proudly be myself wherever I go and to never take a moment of growth for granted.

My third destination experience was to Cancun Mexico when I was 17. Now that my family was older, we decided to take a trip off the resort and experience the culture of the country. Now, you all may be thinking, “why on earth would they do that,” but it was such a great experience. Being able to see people in poverty, people selling their items to make a living, people who do not have the same opportunities like I do, the freedom and the safety. It opened my eyes and the culture showed me how grateful I need to be and how I want to influence a change in all societies so that freedom and safety is more persistent all over the world.

The last trip I took involved a various amount of destinations in a matter of a few weeks, again while I was 17: Vancouver, British Columbia, Jasper, Alberta, and a road trip across Canada all on my own was truly inspiring. This trip allowed me to connect with my soul, to deeply think about my life, my future and who I want to become. It allowed me to be relaxed, to impress no one but myself and to experience what is it like to live in your car. Honestly, this was the cheapest vacation I have ever taken and it was also the most influential.

Travelling is not a waste for money, it’s a start for your new career, for your life and for your soul to reach out and tell that mind of yours who it is supposed to become. It ignites your ambition and creates a new personality that has been waiting to come out and rock the world’s socks off.

For anyone who is questioning whether or not they should travel, I have one piece of advice for you… JUST GO. You will never be this young again and who knows what will happen tomorrow, go and live your best life.

Be the best person you can be and find that new personality that has been dying to come out.

Featured image via Philipp Kämmerer on Unsplash


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