The Best Thing I Gained From College Was My Best Friend

I remember the first time I met my college best friend, it feels like it was yesterday. Surprisingly, it was during an 8:00 am class, accounting. Waking up early in the morning was tiring, and commuting to class depreciated my energy more. Plus, no one enjoys doing math in the mornings — not even the best professors. But just like the old adage goes, there is a silver lining in every dark cloud. 

The silver lining in this case happened to be my best friend. She sat beside me and we just started talking. Funny enough, our first task during class was to present and introduce ourselves to 40 other students. Even though I thought that this moment would just be another insignificant event, I was proven wrong because, after two weeks, I discovered that the girl and I would become best friends. 

I’m grateful for that and here’s why: 

1. Your best friend is not only a source of emotional support but academic support as well. 

During college, different groups of people will have multiple experiences. You may go through a breakup, and you may have trouble focusing on schoolwork due to a personal situation. However, your BFF will be there to listen to your problems and offer some solutions. Even when you are stuck on a school assignment, your BFF can also give you guidance on the course material and perhaps become your ‘second’ tutor. These friendship moments can never be forgotten and will always be valued. No gift can replace the support and bond between two BFFs. 

2. Your college best friend may be your best friend for life.

 College is the perfect place to socialize with people from various backgrounds. So once you find a friend, they may become one of your closest companions even after graduation. Since you reached out to them and discussed the difficulties you experienced during college, you will definitely update them on your life after graduation as well. After all, they were your support for the two to four years of college. 

3. Your best friend in college will help you develop as a person.

Plenty of things will change during your time in college. You may discover a new passion and even take up a new activity. But regardless of the shift in interests, your best friend will be there for you and encourage you to try out as many activities as possible. They may even help you discover more about yourself and your interests, leading you to step outside of your comfort zone. 

4. Your college best friend will experience the journey with you and continue to help you.

College has its own ups and downs. However, nothing is better than laughing with your friend during frosh week and standing by their side during graduation. Witnessing the college journey together will bring back more exciting memories in the future, even after a couple of decades. Not to mention that throughout the job-hunting process, you and your friend will continue to encourage each other, just like you have during the ‘college’ years. 

Meeting a friend in college can happen in the most unexpected ways. But regardless of how it happens, keep in mind that friendships in college are more impactful than you may think. After the late-night cramming sessions and the cries over breakups, the friend who stood beside you will always be there for you — perhaps more than your lifelong partner. Sharing such memories is a good way to reminiscence the ‘fun times’ in school, especially when life after graduation gets tough. The bond you curated together can never be replaced and is much less materialistic than an expensive gift.

Featured Photo by Noémi Macavei-Katócz on Unsplash


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