Please Vote: A Plea From Someone Whose Country Took Democracy For Granted

Election Day is around the corner. Probably, you feel like it was yesterday the last time you went voting. However, it has been two years since our last election and four since we voted for our President. The world has changed in these years, even more in 2020. We are living a new reality, and it is our duty to be the best citizens and vote.

I grew up in Venezuela, a country where we took democracy for granted. We thought that democracy would be there forever, but it wasn’t. We did not vote, and we let the wrong people run the country. Today, there are no free elections in Venezuela, no free speech, people die starving, and if you go to the street to protest, the government, literally, can kill you. 

Please, do not waste the chance to express your opinion and to create your dream country.

Here are four reasons why voting in the 2020 election is more crucial than ever:

You deserve leadership that reflects your values

Are you happy with the decisions your President, Senators, Congressmen, Governor, Mayor, and other representatives have made lately? No matter what your answer is, voting is critical to have a better country. If you like all your representatives, so you must vote for them and keep your world as happy as it is now. 

If you totally disagree with what your representatives have done, you must vote to change them. After all, you deserve a better life because you deserve to live in a place where your leaders are women, and you respect and believe.

We need leaders who will take COVID-19 seriously.

I think this is a significant point to analyze. In January, we were full of plans and dreams; we believe that 2020 was out a year, but in 2020 it has been the most eccentric time. 

Covid-19 has killed almost one million people, nearly two hundred thousand of them in the US. It is an ongoing problem because there is no vaccine nor medication, which makes us safe. Then, do you think your leaders have done their best? I can understand Covid-19 is a surprising and outstanding situation, but I think this is when you should ask yourself how important all these 200,000 victims are for you. Voting is the answer to that question.

The virus has also driven the global economy into a recession, which could last for at least 2 years. The way to mitigate COVID-19’s effects on the country? Vote for leaders who will prioritize public health and safety and who understand how to stimulate the economy

Immigration is an ongoing issue that needs a resolution.

Imigration is a topic in all of the elections. It is an unsolved problem. If you think we should be more robust with our current migration policies, go to vote. If you believe we must change our migration laws, go to vote. Voting is the only way to achieve what you want.   

Even if you are tired of hearing news and statement about this issue, go to vote because you should choose the leaders who finally will be capable of resolve this situation, and we can move on.

We need to get a handle on gun control.

With gun control, we have the same situation as immigrants; it is an old and tired topic. I believe we deserve to solve once for all, so go to vote to choose the representatives who finally can make the right decisions and give us a better country.

The future is in our hands. We have the most powerful tool to make our country, state, city, and county a better place. No matter if you want to repeat your leaders or change them, the only way to express ourselves is by voting. Voting is a luxury; even today, millions of people in the world do not have that luxury.

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