To All The People Feeling Tired Lately, It’s Okay To Take A Break

take a break

We live in an era where technology and social media greatly impact our everyday work. Every second, we are bombarded by information from all the channels we can get access to. Our generation’s problem is not about a lack of information — instead, it’s too much of it. How many times a day do you see ads on your computer? How many times a day do you see influencers endorse some products on your social media? There is a lot of information given to us in just one day, and it can make us feel overwhelmed easily. We are all feeling tired every day of the deadlines from work, assignments from school, and our parents’ expectations. Not just physically tired, but mentally tired, too. That’s why we all need a break sometimes.

In this fast-spinning world, sometimes we just need to take a break and rest. It’s the best form of self-love: Know when to take a break instead of exhausting yourself, physically and mentally. 

We need to realize that our minds need rest just as our bodies need sleep. The wonderful thing about it is that everyone’s method of taking a break is different. You just have to search for your own. There are people who are comfortable taking a break by taking a day off from work. There are people who take a break by going shopping. There are people who rest by eating their favorite food. There are people who take a break by writing sad songs in their tiny apartment on a Friday night. There are people who relax by isolating themselves from the world for 2 weeks. There are various ways of resting, and it is all okay — as long as it makes you feel good and helps you recover. 

What’s more, you don’t have to plan your break. After all, the point of it all is to take it anytime you feel like you need it. There is no certain rule for any kind of self-love activities, but also, do not forget to fulfill your responsibility as a child, parent, employee, or student, too. A mature person knows how to take care of themselves, but also be a responsible adult. 

Do not feel guilty to ask your co-worker to back you up. Do not feel guilty to take a month’s vacation. Do not feel guilty for realizing the importance of taking a break. 

We live in a world of racing for achievements, and personally, the biggest achievement in life is when you know the importance of creating a balanced life between your work, family, social life, and also time for yourself. 

In the end, taking a break from this full of noise society is not wrong at all. It is a human need, and it is the best gift you can give yourself after fighting hard all this time. 

Featured image via Matteo Di Iorio on Unsplash


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