8 Books That Made Me Realize How F*cked Up Society Truly Is

I feel like I am deprogrammed from American society. It happened over time and it didn’t happen completely, but my views on life, government, authority and the way things SHOULD be has dramatically shifted over the years.

I don’t know what happened and I don’t know why but I DO know that I have read a lot of books that keep fueling this fire, which is slowly burning away at the foundation of the “American Dream” that was beaten into my head.

If you’re craving a new read and want to let yourself in on some of society’s little secrets and some new ways of thinking, here are some of the books that I found to literally rock my world and make me question what I was doing and why I was doing it in the first place.

The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris

This guy literally works for 4 hours a week and makes plenty of money to live a pretty comfy life. As a natural workaholic, with a big interest in the world, the title of this book grabbed my attention at the bookstore and seemed to be the answer for a way that I could free up my time.

The book shows you how to change your attitude about work and life, and start working smarter, not harder to earn more money. It also puts forward the idea that our lives are not meant to be spent working doing things we really wouldn’t do if we didn’t need the money.

It opened up a world to me where people had enough free time to finally dive into their interests and hobbies, become healthier, spend quality time with friends and family and make money through a means that felt good to them.

Re-work by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

Like the title suggests, this book is about looking at the way we are taught to work and do business and giving it a re-do. The authors of this book dare you to throw away everything you have been taught about the way business is supposed to work and start creating something important instead of just following the same old model.

The book shows how workaholics really aren’t the heroes that society has made them out to be, how meetings are a huge waste of time and that formal education and resumes can be quite overrated.

The authors stress that anyone can create a successful business if they do it on their own terms, forget about the “real world” societal views and stop making excuses. This inspirational book will help motivate you to finally take action on that passion project or brilliant business idea and carry it out on your own terms.

The China Study by T. Colin Campbell & Thomas M. Campbell

Based on multiple scientific studies, university experiments and multiple case studies on real people, the China study shows how the typical western diet (meat, dairy, fast-food, processed food) actually causes all of the diseases that we face as we grow older and how simply changing our ways of eating can stop heart disease, cancer, diabetes and harsh aging.

The book also shows how big industries like Dairy and Pharmaceuticals actually work to promote these disease-causing foods to the public for their own financial gain.

It uncovers the lies that have been spouted to the American public about what is healthy for them and aims to show that the people giving the public their information about wellness and what to eat are actually profiting off the public being sick and unwell.

Your Money or Your Life by Updated by Vicki Robin

A book that teaches you how to look at money in a whole new way. The author shows readers how to calculate each dollar spent on things or activities on the amount of life hours it took to buy that item. For example, you are buying a new TV for $1,000, you are essentially buying it in exchange for 50 hours of your life.

He argues that when looking at work and money in this way, you will be less likely to spend on things you don’t really need or want, thus reducing the amount of money you actually need and the amount of time you must spend at work.

The Now Habit by Neil Fiore

This read looks deeply at procrastination, the way we work and the way we talk to ourselves about working and being productive. It argues that society’s idea of procrastination is all wrong and that it doesn’t come from laziness or poor time management. Instead, it looks at the deeper psychological reasons that are to blame such as harmful self-talk like, “I HAVE to do this,” the fear of success and feelings of being overwhelmed.

Through new tactics to change the way we look at work, this book teaches us how to talk to ourselves, schedule quality recreation time into our lives and do the work that inspires us.

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

It’s a short book of fiction that is a mere tale of a boy on a journey. However, as the story goes on, the reader soon can make the connection between the everyday human condition and the main character’s existence. The book reveals that the universe is there to help us get to where we are supposed to be and where we want to be in life. If we just pay attention to the clues and keep going in the direction of our dreams, things will fall into place giving us exactly what we need to go on.

Healthy Eating, Healthy World; J. Morris Hicks

This book helps readers make the connection between the food that they eat every day and how it affects not only their bodies but also the entire planet. From animal welfare to the destructive nature of agriculture, poor human health, world hunger and diminishing resources, you will learn how everything is connected and can be largely remedied by a change in diet. Uncover some of the lies taught to you by the food industry and recognize how a simple change in diet can have a profound effect on your health and the rest of the world.

Vagabond-Rolf Potts

For all of you out there suffering from wanderlust, following the standard life plan, stuck in a job that you hate or waiting until you retire to finally live out your travel dreams-this book is for you. The author talks about his unconventional life on the road as he chooses long-term travel as a way of being.

He gives some of his own personal stories but also shows people how they can work months or even years of travel in at a time in this alternative type of traveling lifestyle. Within these pages, you will learn how to finance this type of lifestyle, choose a destination, adjust to life on the road, work or volunteer abroad and re-integrate into “normal” life when you need a travel break.

This list could go on forever guys, but if you want to change your life and just open your mind to the other options that are out there, put these guys on your reading list. Don’t let society spoon feed you the way you view the world anymore. Happy reading!

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