10 Ways To Incorporate Cottagecore Into Your Lifestyle


Cottagecore is trending across social media. Cottagecore romanticizes the idea of living in a rural cottage and spending your days baking, pruning flowers, and enjoying picnics. It is very easy to fall in love with, especially if you do a quick Pinterest search for “Cottagecore aesthetic.” It can be discouraging when you want to live out your Cottagecore dreams, but you live in the city far from the beautiful countryside that a Cottagecore aesthetic embodies. Don’t give up on that dream quite yet because listed below are 10 ways you can incorporate a Cottagecore aesthetic into your lifestyle. 

1. Say goodbye to wonder bread.

Baking is essential to Cottagecore. Luckily, you don’t need a cottage to be a wiz in the kitchen. Making your own bread or other baked goods, like pies, scones, or biscuits is a lot less intimidating than it may look and over time, you’ll perfect your own personal recipe. Here is an easy bread recipe to get you started from @iliveinmykitchen on TikTok.

2. Bring the flower garden indoors.

Perhaps the dainty flowers of the Cottagecore aesthetic catch your eye. Put some fresh cut flowers from your local florist on your dining room table or unlock the next level Cottagecore lifestyle by growing your own. Even if you do not have a yard with space to make a garden, plenty of flowers bloom just fine inside. Some flowering plants require a bit more care than others, so be diligent in your research of which ones fit you and your skill level. 

3. It’s time for a shopping spree. 

Don’t have the time to pick up a new hobby or craft to achieve the Cottagecore lifestyle? No worries, make yourself “Cottagecore!” You can easily dress Cottagecore by adding some flowy, flowery pieces to your wardrobe. Target and Etsy have plenty of affordable options that will make you look like the cottage princess that you are. If you’re lucky, you might find the perfect dress at the thrift store.

4. Reduce eating pre-packaged food. 

Basically, Cottagecore is very environmentally conscious. Not only do fresh, non-packaged fruits and vegetables help the environment, they are healthier and look more appealing to the eye. Grow your own or support your local farmers at a farmers market. It feels better to get produce in a biodegradable carton or your own reusable bags  than wrapped in plastic. 

5. Add a little bit of spice to journaling.

If you love to journal and you have scrap paper on hand, making your own paper might peak your interest. It is not as difficult as it might sound, but it does require a bit of time. Just recycle pieces of newspaper, used notebook paper, or whatever you have to create new pieces that look rustic and lovely. It is also better for the environment, which makes it even more cottage core. Here is a link to a TikTok video from @nevermindlisa for a very good tutorial for making your own.

6. Try a picnic inside.

Picnics are all over Pinterest for a Cottagecore aesthetic. Picnic areas are not always accessible to everyone (especially during a pandemic), so just have a picnic in your living room. Make your spread as gorgeous or casual as you like. Spoil yourself with a charcuterie board to make it feel fancy and break out the bubbly if you have it. 

7. Beeswax is nifty.

Another eco-friendly way to achieve the Cottagecore dream is to make your own beeswax wraps. Beeswax wraps can replace aluminum foil or plastic wrap and reduce your carbon footprint. You can also support local businesses by buying from local beekeepers. Here is a helpful tutorial from @jitter_by_bug on TikTok.

8. Let’s get sculpting.

Pottery is another classic Cottagecore hobby. You can go big and sculpt your own vases and dishware or keep it small with handmade jewelry and ornaments. There are tons of clays to choose from to make whatever your cottage core heart desires.

9. Hang your clothes out to dry. 

Sticking to the eco-friendly theme of Cottagecore, you could ditch your dryer and opt for a clothesline. Clothes lines look artsy and lots of clothes prefer being hung up over machine dried. You do not need a yard or balcony for a clothesline either. Try hanging a clothesline in your bathroom or over tiled floor. 

10. Dish thrifting can be fun. 

Thrift stores are good for so much more than a good deal on designer jeans. They’re basically a gold mine for Cottagecore dishware. People donate tea sets or vintage china sets all the time so you get them for a fraction of the original price. Test your luck at finding some unique pieces to give your dinnerware a pop of cottage core aesthetic. 

If you want to live the simple life while being eco-friendly and not spending a ton of money, Cottagecore is the style for you. Cottagecore looks a little different for everyone, so take one or all of these suggestions. It’s easy to incorporate Cottagecore elements into almost any lifestyle, why not give it a try?

Feature Image by Jack Finnigan on Unsplash


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