Follow These 5 Tips If You’re Moving In With Your Significant Other


My boyfriend and I just reached one year of living together, and though living with your partner can be challenging, it can also be extremely rewarding. If you’re thinking about moving in with your significant other, here are five tips that will make your cohabitation happier and more peaceful:

1. Divide your chores evenly.

No one in the relationship should have to do all of the work, and that includes housework!

Make sure that you and your partner each do an equal amount of work. That way, you’re less likely to fight about doing each other’s chores or one person not pulling their weight. 

Divide chores based on which ones each of you prefer doing. I hate our vacuum, so my boyfriend does the vacuuming. And I take out the trash most of the time because my boyfriend has a very sensitive nose.

If you notice that your significant other isn’t doing their chores, don’t be afraid to ask them to! Sometimes people genuinely forget, so remind your partner to do their chores before you start feeling resentful.

2. Make furnishing and decorating decisions together.

You’re sharing a space, so it should look and feel like home to both of you. Meshing your visions for your living space can be a way for you and your partner to work together.

If you can, try to go shopping for home decor together. Even if you don’t buy anything, you’ll still get a feel for what the other likes. You’re sure to end up with a space that makes both you and your partner proud!

3. Establish spaces for alone time.

If you’re not used to sharing a living space, moving in with a significant other can be an adjustment. Suddenly, you have to share everything and see your partner all the time. 

On the one hand, living with your partner can be great because you get to spend extra time with the person you love. But you’re also human, and spending a lot of time with anyone (especially during COVID-19) can be draining.

Even if you’re moving into a smaller space, make sure that you have a corner of your home that you can retreat to when you need some “me time.” After all, spending a few hours reading a book or surfing the Internet by yourself can recharge you.

4. Don’t forget to go on dates.

You and your partner may always see each other when you’re home, but that’s not an excuse to stop going on dates!

There’s nothing wrong with a night in, but you deserve nights out too, whether they involve going to a fancy restaurant or just taking a walk in a park. Switching up your dates every once in a while will break the monotony and keep the romance alive.

5. Communication is key.

As soon as you have an issue, you need to communicate with your partner. Nothing good will come of bottling up annoyances or concerns. Problems can grow exponentially when you’re always in close quarters with the person who’s bothering you.

If you have necessary conversations with your significant other, however difficult they may be, you will strengthen your relationship and coexist peacefully in your new home.

Moving in with your partner is about so much more than love and room decor. Living with your significant other can be a huge adjustment, but if you commit to sharing, caring, and communicating, you’ll be able to get through anything with your partner.

Feature Image by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash


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